The REAL Reasons I Drink Shakeology

I get asked daily why I drink Shakeology, if it’s really worth it, and why it’s different than anything else on the market. Most people probably think it’s because I am Beachbody coach – but the truth is, I was a Shakeology addict BEFORE I was a coach. I had already seen the major benefits of this wonder drink, and if I woke up tomorrow and decided not to be a coach anymore, I would still drink my daily dose of happiness. Why? Why am I so obsessed with this shake? Is everything you hear about Shakeology true? Well.. I guess it depends what you’ve heard! Here are my TOP 10 reasons that I never skip a day!

#1 – Bathroom habits. Let’s just get this shit out of the way early {haha, get it?}. But really – I was very irregular. It wasn’t uncommon for me to go 5 or 6 days in between visits to the outhouse. Just kidding – we have a real toilet! As you can imagine, this left me feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and with almost constant stomach aches. Because of the major diet improvement, and the prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes in Shakeology, that problem is solved.

#2 – Oversized and overpriced alternatives. Before I started drinking Shakeology, I knew I needed a change in my lifestyle – but I couldn’t figure out how the heck to get started. So.. I went to one of the first places that came to mind for “healthy drinks”… Smoothie King. I started getting the Gladiator, 32 ounces, with pineapple and strawberry for a hefty price tag of around $7 and a calorie count of 450+. I guess compared to my normal Mcdonald’s drive thru breakfast routine, this was better for me. But it didn’t give me any of the nutrients I get from Shakeology, and it was financially killing me. Plus, I’m not a big calorie counter, but almost 500 calories for a shake was not aiding in my weight loss goals.

#3 – Skipping Breakfast. On the days that I didn’t have enough time to hit the drive thru, I would skip breakfast entirely. This lead me to starving, then binging for all of my other meals. You know what’s worse than binging? Binging on fast food lunch, because you skipped out on your fast food breakfast. Now, I have everything I need to make breakfast in a hurry – a good meal that will keep me full for hours, and is good for me – all made in 2 minutes, HOW?!

#4 – Life sustained by coffee and energy drinks. Don’t get me wrong, coffee is a part of me, it completes me, but I no longer need it to survive. Okay, I’m being dramatic, but there wasn’t a day that I didn’t consume a minimum of 5 cups of coffee, and on a really bad day, an energy drink or two! I constantly felt drained. Looking back, that’s no surprise – I was filling up with junk, not getting my physical activity, and never getting the nutrients my body needed. Plus, Shakeology is filled with B vitamins and Maca Root – all which increase energy and stamina, naturally. Now, I have a casual relationship with coffee, and mainly because I can’t stop buying coffee mugs.. what kind of girl would I be if I bought mugs and only looked at them?

#5 – Late Lunches, Late Dinners, More Binging. I mentioned earlier that I would skip breakfast frequently, and even worse, because of my crazy schedule in the hospital or surgery, I would often work through my scheduled lunch hour, and even into my dinner hour. Now it’s been almost 24 hours since I’ve eaten (with the exception of the chips I shook out of the vending machine) and I’m FAMISHED. So, nothing like ending a long day filled with no activity by demolishing an entire pizza, alone. With Shakeology, I can make it for any meal that I want. There is no rule book about having to replace breakfast every day. If I know I have a long call during lunch, or will be driving through dinner hour – I’ll have something else for breakfast and use my shake to replace a different meal. And… no drive thru necessary. Which brings me to my next bullet point….

#6 – Fast food owned me. If you haven’t got the point yet, I can say to you in complete honestly that for at least 3 years, I ate fast food at least 300 days out of the year. That’s probably rounding down. I was under-prepared for each day and I couldn’t get a handle on time management. While I still had to learn to plan and prep my food, Shakeology was the catalyst for this change. Because I could use it for my busiest meal, it gave me the initiative to plan out the other meals throughout the day. I knew I was spending money on my shakes, and was feeling better – but without changing the other aspects of my life, I was waisting the potential that was in front of me. So with my goals in mind, I sat down and figured out HOW I could add clean eating into my busy schedule, and let me be the first to tell you – it’s challenging, at first. But after awhile, it becomes a part of you – just like the fast food used to be.

#7 – Veggie Tales. I love love love vegetables….now. But before I started eating clean and drinking Shakeology – not a chance. Does deep fried veggies from the fair once a year count? No? How about a bloomin onion? Once I started drinking my shakes, my daily veggies were covered. One serving of Shakeology holds the same nutrients as 4 cups of broccoli, 10 cups of cauliflower… and tons more. So, whether you like veggies or not – you can get them in a delicious milkshake… that beats 10 cups of cauliflower any day.

#8 – Ditch the pillbox. I was constantly forgetting my daily multi-vitamin. I couldn’t remember that horse pill for the life of me. While I’m young now, I know that keeping my bones, joints, and body healthy with vitamins is important for my future. Plus, a healthy pregnancy will be something I want in my future – and for that, vitamins are necessary. Now… if I could only remember to take them. No longer necessary. It’s all in my shake, which saves me money at Target… for extra mugs. {NOTE: I am not suggesting that you stop taking a prenatal vitamin, or a vitamin suggested by your physician. This is in regards to a daily multi-vitamin that I was using by choice. Always check with your doc if you have questions.}

#9 – Icky, Sicky. I was the classic case of someone who NEVER felt good. Like ever. On top of my stomach aches that I mentioned earlier, I was always sick. Coughs, cold, sore throats, the flu. You name it, I probably felt it. If not, check back next week. There is something to be said about a body that is filled with junk. It’s not functioning properly, which makes it easier to be affected by germs. Since Shakeology is loaded with antioxidants, it also boosts immunity. Since the time that I’ve consistently added Shakeology into my daily diet, and cleaned up the other meals – I can count the number of times I’ve gotten sick on half a hand. A half-hander could count it for me.

#10 – Give me all the desserts, late at night, because I need them. Anyone else feel so full of strength and will-power… until the sun goes down? I don’t know about you guys, but I used to turn into a raccoon after dark. Digging through anything I could find at night for something sweet – chocolate, cake, popcorn, ice cream… gimmie all of it. Shakeology has drastically reduced my sweet tooth. Partially because I feel like I’m having dessert every day with all of these fun recipes I get to blend up. Also, because I’ve allowed my body the time and nutrients it needs to detox those powerful sugars I was filling up with. Last, because my daily shake is so dense, I don’t have many cravings at all because I am always full!

So.. there you have it. All of my problems – solved. Sounds crazy to think that I was inflicting so many issues on myself. I was the cause of my aches, pains, unhappiness, discomfort, and negative self image. And even crazier to think that a daily milkshake has changed everything for me. So when I hear people tell me that Shakeology is too expensive, or that it probably doesn’t work, I feel obliged to tell my story. If you’re on the fence… do it. I would do it a million times over because my body loves me, and for the first time in as long as I can remember, I love it right back.


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