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Let me start this post by saying that I am not normally the biggest fan of supplements. I try to keep my diet pretty close to how it would have been 100 years ago, because if it was created in a lab, I don’t really really feel like it’s necessary.

However, since there have been so many advances in sports performance, the product lines being introduced have intrigued me, and when Beachbody introduced it’s newest Performance products that are free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and preservatives, I decided to give it shot. Here’s my review of each product. NOTE: Yes, I do work for Beachbody and I love MOST of their stuff, but these opinions are mine, and I would never recommend something to any of my readers that I would not or do not personally use myself!

It should be noted that these supplements are for the use of active people. These are not meant to be used by those not following a fitness program as they are created to support you during your workouts and aid in your recovery.

To kick things off is the pre-workout drink, Energize. This stuff is amazing. I had previously been using Energy & Endurance, a pre-workout drink created a few years ago. While it is great and also chemical & artificial sweetener free, it does not have ANYTHING on Energize. It could be a combination of the product being more effective and the tolerance level I had previously built up to my usual pre-workout, but man, this stuff was good. It combines low dose caffeine, Beta Alanine, and Quercetin. Beta Alanine is an amino acid that works to prevent muscle fatigue, meaning that you can go longer before tiring out. Quercetin is a phytonutrient that can improve endurance by increasing the production of mitochondria. If you don’t care about all the science, just know this – GAME. CHANGER. The taste is fine, not anything you’d crave, but the results on the other hand…. crave-able. It’s lemon/citrus flavored and goes down pretty easily.


During my workout, I drank Hydrate. It’s a natural alternative to Gatorade. It replaces lost electrolytes and hydrates your body during your workouts. It tastes like a diluted version of lemonade. It’s refreshing actually, not sweet but not plain – almost like a lemon water. I personally only use water during my workouts, I gave up sports drinks a long time ago, so I don’t know that this will be something that I personally add into my routine, but if you’re a Gatorade/Powerade drinker, this stuff is great for you. It gives you the same effect, if not better, without all the added chemicals, sweeteners, and calories. It’s only 40 calories for the whole packet or scoop.


Immediately after my workout, I had the Recover shake. Anyone remember Yoohoo? This is that, but healthy, and effective, and full of protein. With 20 grams of protein per serving, this shake works quickly to repair muscle breakdown and aid in recovery. This helps to combat muscle soreness. Studies are also being done on the phytonutrients in this shake for having anti-inflammatory components. The point is, this may save you from over the counter meds to reduce that soreness. (Always talk to your doctor before starting/stopping any medication!)


At the end of the night, I drank the Recharge shake. This one was probably the most beneficial for me because I am a late night snacker. I love to have something right before bed, and it’s usually something sugary and sweet, like fruit or peanut butter. While there’s nothing wrong with either of those choices, they aren’t the best thing to be filling up with right before going to bed. Recharge is full of protein, 20 grams. It also helps to reduce muscle soreness and aid in recovery while you sleep. It’s vanilla flavored and I thought it resembled cake batter taste. It’s meant to be taken within an hour of going to sleep.


The last supplement in the performance line is Creatine. In the interest of being honest (as promised) I’ll disclose that I didn’t use this supplement. It is meant to give you that extra boost during your workout, help you get those last reps in, basically preventing muscle depletion during the workout. Since I personally don’t lift weights or do any exercise without following a program, I haven’t found myself at a point where I’m too tired to continue, or where I give up early, so I don’t feel like this is a necessary supplement for me. After doing a lot of research, I’ve also heard that creatine can cause some bloating because it causes the muscle to carry extra water. I like to keep a lean physique and don’t see the benefit of personally using this. With that being said, my hubby has used creatine for years, and upon examining his tubs of supplements a few months ago, he was forced to throw 99% of them away because they contained Sucralose (this topic is for another day, but it’s a big no-no for us). So he has been really excited to have Creatine back in his life, without the yucky sweeteners.


So there you have it, the complete supplement line! I wish I could tell you that I felt different, but the truth is, after 1 day of using something, I can’t give you an honest opinion on anything. What I will say is that Energize was absolutely incredible and totally worth the investment for a great workout. Everything else tasted great, and I don’t have much soreness today, so that’s always a good sign! I would suggest getting the sampler pack to try the product line, it’s a great way to read up on all of it and experience it for yourself. Except for the Energize, seriously – just get that in bulk. If you have questions about this line or any of the products, just ask!

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