My “Transition” Detox

In my last post, I shared that we have decided to stop all fertility treatments and medications right now, and for the first time in a long time, I feel recharged, mentally. Having the weight of control lifted off of my shoulders has been the most amazing feeling. However, as anyone who has gone through fertility treatments can you tell, something crazy starts to go on in your body, or maybe a lot of somethings.

I haven’t felt like myself in over a year – my workouts have been a struggle, there’s been hot flashes, acne, bloating, craziness. I’m ready to get back to a place where I feel like my healthiest, and although I’ve always remained pretty consistent with clean eating and workouts, and haven’t seen any changes on the scale or how clothes are fitting, I just feel blah.

I’m ready for a recharge. So am I going to start a new workout program? No. I’m going to take 3 weeks away from working out. STOP IT. I knowwwww. I’m starting a detox journey that will allow my body the rest it needs, it will help me transition from pumping tons of hormones in my body, and it will bring me back to a place where things just work, naturally, how they’re supposed to.

I have been struggling for a good word to use to describe this process – the few that come to mind, cleanse and detox, make me think about running back and forth to the bathroom or starvation. Neither are involved in this process. This is going to reboot my system gently and naturally, while still allowing me to eat some of the foods I love, try some new things, and take a break from some of the things that have been making their appearance a little too frequently (froyo).

Personally, this is a really important time for me to do this. With a full month of NO travel and coming off of 16 months of medications, followed by a crazy (exciting) amount of travel, it’s so important for me to approach this new season in our lives with the best mindset. In my last post, I also announced our new travel plans and travel blog that will be launching SOON! One of my only concerns with starting the blog was my fitness and health – would I be able to be on-the-go all the time and maintain my routine? Of course I can! It won’t be easy, it will force me to think outside the box sometimes and make hard choices, but it’s most definitely do-able. I think it’s important to show people who don’t have “an easy schedule” of working from home or even a 9-5 that they can plan for that they can still make their nutrition and health a priority – I owe that to the world of traveling sales people and flight attendants! BUT, I knew it would be extremely important to go into this journey with the right mindset – not filled with hormones, sugar, and alcohol – because if you don’t know, your body and mind crave what they’re used to having. How much harder will it be to say no to 6AM airport cocktails with a belly full of champagne from the night before? Don’t judge me.

Because we do everything together (soulmates!) hubby is doing it too. Can I just let out a really loud PRAISE and virtual sigh of relief?! Originally, I didn’t ask him to do it with me – I knew it was going to be a challenge, and he is definitely more involved in practicing a balanced lifestyle than I am (if you know what I mean! He exercises…his right to balance healthy and unhealthy!) Being the adorable and supportive husband that he is, he actually informed me that he was going to be joining in and doing it with me. Let’s all pause for a collective “awweeee”.

The. Sweetest.

Today marks day 1! I’m going to try to share as much as possible, because I know this is a program that has a lot of uncertainty and fear associated with it. When I first started coaching and was educating myself on all the different program options, I honestly looked at this one and said, “I will never do that.” And that’s why the old saying “never say never” exists.

I’m eating today’s breakfast – and it’s a great first impression.


To kick off, I thought I would highlight my excitements and my fears, so that I can look back on these throughout the program and after, and also so that anyone who is considering doing this can see that I’m not special; I’m a normal person who is committing to the change I want to see, even though there are parts that are making me want to cry at the thought. Here we go:

Here’s what I’m excited about:

  • a fresh start
  • new, fun recipe ideas
  • spending 3 weeks meat-free, because I’ve been toying with the idea of eating less meat, or none at all
  • the possibility of improved sleep, clearer skin, balanced hormones
  • 30 minutes additional minutes to spend working instead of working out
  • a joint venture with hubby to bring us a little closer
  • pushing myself outside of my comfort zone
  • documenting this journey and sharing to help others

Here are my fears/pain points:

  • no coffee (whhaaaaa)
  • no workouts (whaaaaa)
  • no friday treat meals
  • some new foods that are way, wayyyy outside of my comfort zone
  • changing my routine
  • being really organized for planning, shopping, and prepping

It’s time. I’m mentally prepared. Before pictures/measurements have been recorded. It’s going to be challenging, but it’s also going to be empowering. It’s easy to forget why you started doing something after it becomes a routine, this is going to be a great reminder!

I’ll still be running my accountability and support groups for my ladies crushing their fitness goals – which will make me even more motivated to jump back into my workouts next month! Follow along and encourage me, would ya?! I know there’s going to be times throughout these next 3 weeks that I’ll need all the encourage I can get!



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