Healthy Crepes

Tropical Crepes

I know everyone is all about the pumpkin everything right now, and I'm right there with ya, because... fall! But it's so beautiful and sunny here in Ohio today, it made me want to soak up the last bit of any summer vibes I could get. Also, let's be honest: I bought a 6 pack of kiwis yesterday and leave for a trip on Monday, so I need to make good use of them. I used to hate kiwis, but in reality, I think it was just the peeling that drives me a little nuts. No reason to skip over a yummy fruit because of the work it takes, right? "Sorry kiwi, you're good, but I'm lazy." Ehhh... I'm sure a few of those will go to waste. 

Crepe Recipe

Anyway, CREPES! Hubby wanted pancakes, and while I was prepping the batter, I decided to create a little pancake-crepe breakfast duo, because kiwi pancakes didn't sound good at all. The ingredient list seems a bit long, but don't let it scare you away, they're actually really quick and easy to create.

Homemade Crepes

The bonus is that you can change the fillings to be anything you'd like, so if you're already in full-blown fall mode, you can stuff these with apples (I did last year and it was YUM - see recipe!) or create a pumpkin masterpiece. 

Healthy Crepes

We had these incredible crepes in Breckenridge last year at this little crepe cart... and my crepes don't stand a chance next to theirs. In all fairness, theirs are filled with all kinds of delicious things, I'm pretty sure we got nutella or s'mores or something amazeballs. These will have to do for now!



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