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Part 2 of my grocery shopping trip is coming at you right now! To be honest, I had no intention of breaking these up into 2 parts, but once I got through Costco and realized how much I actually got, I didn’t want to send anyone into information overload! Now that it’s a new day, let’s move on to Trader Joe’s!

tj receipt

Sunflowers – They’re my fav. That’s all.

sunflowersBrown Rice Pasta – This is my jam. I am 100% italian and grew up in a house eating white pasta as it’s own food group. Obviously that’s not on any clean meal plan, but this IS! It’s good, good for you, organic, and ridiculously affordable at $1.99 a pound! My favorite is to make homemade marinara or even toss it with some seasonings and EVOO!

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Butter – I’ll admit that this is a new one for me. Butter isn’t healthy, right?! That’s my main thought every time I see this in a clean recipe and I typically brush it off. But, I just got my copy of Fixate, a cookbook with over 100 recipes from Autumn Calabrese, creator of 21 Day Fix, which I basically live and die by, and she uses it in quite a bit of recipes, which forced me to do some more research. Turns out that very small amounts of saturated fat is good for our bodies, and when you eat organic, grass fed butter – that’s what you’re getting without all the added hormones that typically come in our country’s dairy products. As far as consuming it frequently, ehhh that’s a stretch, but I’m up for trying it in some recipes. Heck, if it’s good enough for Autumn, I don’t know why I can’t give it a go. This is definitely something that will cost more buying it organic at $5.29 – but if you can only pick out a few things that are going to be your organic things, I would try to make dairy one of them!


Garbanzo Beans – I just recently fell in love with these little guys. There are TONS of desserts that you can make out of them, and they act as a type of flour in lots of different cookie recipes that I’ve seen. One of my favorite food blogs, Mind Over Munch, uses them a lot, which is why they are pictured here. They are also good in salads, and you can even home make your own hummus, so you can control exactly what goes into it. And at 89 cents a can, feel free to experiment all you want!

garbanzo beansCoconut Oil Spray – This is my go-to for pancakes and waffles. Nothing wrong with olive oil either, I just prefer the coconut spray and the price of this one for $2.99.
coco oil

Dijon Mustard – This is another thing I don’t have a lot of experience with, but I’ve seen it in a decent amount of recipes recently, and figured I could add it to the circuit to see how it goes.

dijon mustard

Lemon Soap – Again, not much that has to do with clean eating, but this soap is my favorite for the kitchen. Check it out ūüôā

hand soap

Tomato Paste – Apparently this is the trip of experimentation, because this is another thing that isn’t on my normal list, but I am dying to try the recipe from Fixate for Sloppy Joes, and this is needed. I’ll let you guys know¬†how it is.

tomato paste

Bacon Chocolate – Yep, you’re reading that correctly. Don’t judge me. We are SMORES people! We have a great fire pit in our backyard and it’s not just for looking at! Part of the fun of smores for me is to see how creative we can get, so when I saw bacon chocolate, you better believe there is a smore going down¬†this weekend that is going to be epic. I’ll share!

chocolate bacon bar

Cookie Butter – You know how everyone has those foods they just can’t cut out? Like a lay down my life for you¬†type of relationship? What I just described is how I feel about Cookie Butter. I eat this way too much, way too often. I kind of think that maybe my body just runs off of it now! Like eventually you become immune to something if you’re around it long enough, right? Sort of how¬†if you take too many antibiotics, science would say that you’re at risk for becoming resistant to them. That’s how cookie butter is for me – it just doesn’t count anymore! I put this on my pancakes, english muffins, apples, in my Shakeology…you name it, it’s delicious. Here’s the only thing I can say to justify this type of behavior – as far as “desserts” go, it has a low sugar content at 5 grams per tablespoon, so it’s not like it’s pie…¬†Logical, no. Story that I’m sticking to, absolutely. Get you some!

cookie butterBaking Soda – Pretty much a staple product, but we go through it quickly since it’s a main ingredient in the protein pancakes/waffles that I make. And I like this can that closes instead of the typical open cardboard box.

baking soda

Broccoli Slaw – Love this stuff! It’s so yum and it goes nicely with salads or even baked with chicken.

broccoli slaw

Ground Cumin – I had never heard of this seasoning before I saw it in a recipe and now I use it quite a bit. It’s good – kind of tastes like Indian food! Spices are only $1.99 at TJ’s, so I get most of mine there!


Spinach – An amazing addition to any diet! Spinach is loaded with nutrients and is very versatile – you can eat it fresh for salad, saute it for a side dish, or even put it in your shake for added nutrients. I don’t buy a big bag of it because it tends to go bad quickly, so this $1.99 size is perfect for us.


Lemons – I used to be a salad dressing junkie. Ranch was my go-to. Once I started to be more conscious of health, I replaced ranch with fat free ranch (oops) and worse yet, some of those calorie free sauces and dressings. Once I really decided to stop poisoning my body, I gave up having salads all together because I couldn’t find anything to dress it with. Now, I use fresh squeezed lemon juice and some apple cider or red wine vinegar, and it’s perfect! I also squeeze some lemon juice on broccoli before roasting it. This bag contains 1 pound of lemons for $1.49.


Avocado – I pretty much eat them with everything. Eggs, chicken burritos, soups, cottage cheese – yum. These are high in fat, but the good kind, so eating them in moderation is the key. I don’t buy more than 1 at a time because they seem to be very particular with timing. They go from too hard to cut to rotting in days, so I buy one for the week and use it until it’s gone or bad, and then get a new one next time.


Brown Rice – I try to buy things that are as minimally processed or pre-packaged as possible, but I just can’t live up to that standard with rice or quoina. There are no artificial ingredients in this, but it was precooked and packaged. It feels healthier to make my own, but the time commitment is something I’m just not up for. Plus, my dear sweet husband is very incapable in the kitchen, and these are perfect for him to heat up and put it in his lunch incase I don’t have my life together when he’s getting ready for work. We don’t eat a lot of rice, I try to make more sweet potatoes as our starch, but there are some meals that require some great brown rice, and I love this one!

brown rice

Butternut Squash – LOVE!! I recently started getting into the squash family and have loved everything that I’ve tried. It started with the spaghetti squash trend, and now this butternut squash. I buy the precut kind because I function well with 10 fingers and the¬†cost¬†of someone else cutting it for me is invaluable. It’s great roasted with seasoning or mixed into a veggie casserole. This is another thing that doesn’t last very long, so make it quickly!

butternut squash

Apples – last, but definitely not least. It’s funny how you crave something that you get used to having. I used to think that something would always be french fries or chicken nuggets, but now it’s apples. I always always always buy organic. They¬†top the Dirty Dozen list with pesticides and contamination. Pink Lady Crisps are my favorite, but Gala & Fuji are also in the running. I always buy 7 at a time, with the exception of this week, since I’m doing the 3 Day Refresh. These apples DO NOT last as long as conventional apples, and I’m okay with that since I’m not eating chemical.¬†My point is – only buy what you think you’ll use because they won’t hang around and wait for you. Store them in the crisper in the fridge for longest chance of survival!

There you have it – everything you’ve seen over the last 2 days is what we will eat until the next trip. What you don’t see pictured here is fresh fruit. I always look for a sale at the local grocery store on organic berries, and buy whatever is on sale. Or we go to the Farmers Market to get locally grown fruit. We also freeze a lot of fruit when it is on sale, so if all else fails, we can pull something out of the freezer to use.

I hope this helps you pick out some groceries, make a budget, or try something you haven’t had before. If you have any questions about recipes, or what you can make with anything that I’ve mentioned, always leave a comment or send me an email! I love to hear your thoughts!

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