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Surrender & Spinach Feta Omelette

Psalm 51:17 (erv)

The sacrifice that God wants is a humble spirit. God, you will not turn away someone who comes with a humble heart and is willing to obey you.


Surrender: a concept I’ve struggled with for as long as I’ve been a Christian. It’s an act that’s always seemed impossible to understand. What does it look like to surrender?

A few months ago, I was reading Let Hope In by Pete Wilson, and the following sentence from page 78 seemed to answer so many of my questions. “Surrender is the choice to let go of your desire to have life go the way you planned it. It’s the choice to find hope in your hurt.”

And the lightbulb finally came on. Surrendering isn’t just an action, it’s a set of beliefs. It’s not a verb, it’s a noun. To really surrender to God, we have to believe that we can’t do anything without Him (humility), that He is good and works for our good (trust), that He is who He says He is (faith), and that He loves us.

Before I started focusing on that set of beliefs, I thought that surrendering meant sitting around waiting. And sometimes, it does. But other times, surrendering means working harder than you think you’re capable of. It’s doing what God is leading you toward, even if that means letting go of your own plans and goals.

Letting go of those things doesn’t mean that you no longer want them; it simply means that you want God more than that thing. We often become so tied to our own thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that they become our identity, and we forget all about who God says that we are. We don’t receive God’s best for us.

What if someone told you that you would be your best, happiest self, but some or all of your ideas and beliefs would be the opposite of your reality? Surrender: allowing for the possibility that God has other plans for your life and if He does, choosing His – because He’s good, because He loves us, because He’s faithful and constant.

Honestly, this is still a really hard topic for me, and one that I’ll probably need to spend the rest of my life praying for discipline in. I often spend time reflecting on this concept and ask myself things like:

What if I found true a community of friends but I lived on 20 acres, 50 miles from the closest Target?

What if found my true passion by putting on pants, requesting vacation time, and working a 9-5?

What if my greatest moments in life are surrounded by old diapers instead of old boarding passes?

What if? Then it’s God’s will, and it’s better than any of the plans or dreams I could have ever come up with. I have to trust that God created every detail of my personality – He knows my likes, my strengths, and my skills. Everything that’s planned for me was planned specifically for me, by the only One who really knows me; better than I know myself. He knows you too. The plans He has for you are perfect. All that’s left for us to do is surrender.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 NLT


What do you need to surrender to God? What areas of your life are you holding on to your own desires instead of accepting God’s way?


For help in surrendering your life.

Surrender & Spinach Feta Omelette

1 minPrep Time

5 minCook Time

6 minTotal Time

Serves 1 Omelette

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  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup baby spinach
  • 2 tablespoons feta cheese, divided in half
  • non-stick cooking spray
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Spray a skillet and turn to medium heat
  2. Scramble eggs with salt and pepper and pour into skillet
  3. Add spinach
  4. Swirl skillet around so that eggs cover the entire bottom
  5. Once the eggs begin to set along the edges, use a spatula to push eggs toward the center, allowing the rest of the eggs to spread out across the pan
  6. When all the liquid has set along the edges, sprinkle half of the cheese in the center of the omelette and use the spatula lift one side of the omelet and fold it onto the other side
  7. Push down gently to allow any extra liquid to cook
  8. Sprinkle remaining cheese on top of the omelette

Tips & Tools

I’ve mentioned this before, but making an omelette can be difficult, especially the first few times you try it! Some keys to getting a picture-perfect omelette are:

  • Use the right pan. A non-stick pan is essential!
  • Spray your pan with non-stick cooking spray or grease it with oil/butter – I still do this even with a non-stick pan.
  • Make sure your pan has ample time to heat up before you pour your egg batter in.
  • Pay attention to your eggs and try to keep them loosened on the bottom of the pan at all times.

I’ve had an omelette recipe turn into a scrambled-egg-bowl more times than I’d like to admit, so rest assured, even if it doesn’t look pretty, it’s still delicious and satisfying!

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