Mini Pumpkin Pie Bites

Every year, hubby has lots of different potlucks and parties at his office, and I always try to create something that looks good and tastes good, but this year, I felt like it was extra important to bring my A-game since we’re new in town. And the quickest way to a co-workers heart? Sugaaaaa. 

I also love these little guys for a family dinner because it’s easy to cut the recipe in half, thirds; you could even make the exact number that you need. The worst part about making pumpkin pie is the left-overs. You may disagree, but jeeeeeez; I hate having to fight off pie cravings every time I open the fridge. I was totally lazy and used the Pillsbury pie crusts, but if you’re really inspired, you could make your own!

Before we get to the recipe, I have so many things I need to say about these kitchen tools. First of all, these little pie crust cutters – aren’t they so cute?! I found these at Crate and Barrel while I was roaming around, but they have very similar ones on Amazon. In fact, the Amazon ones give you an extra shape or two. These must have looked fun because hubby even got in on the action. He was all about it… for a second. Then he abandoned me for whatever the fans on the TV were cheering about. Don’t tell him, but I kinda like being alone in the kitchen anyway. It’s my sanctuary where I get to create and make a mess; my no-boys-allowed tree house. Anyone else love their kitchen that much?

Second, I feel like I need to tell you guys about this muffin pan. My last pan rusted, so I threw it away before the move. When I went to order a new pan, I had every intention of just getting the cheapest one I could find, which would certainly rust again, but that’s a different topic for a different day. However, I was immediately drawn to the copper muffin tin. Have you guys seen that commercial with the frying pan? It’s totally stick-free – unbelievable, right? I don’t know about y’all, but I make a mess of our frying pans. Hubby puts in a lot of elbow grease trying to get them clean once my masterpiece has been created. So I was totally curious about this copper pan concept. I decided to test it out on these pies (12 hours before I needed them), thank goodness it was a pleasant experience! I just went for it; no spray, no liners – nothin. Just loaded those little crusts right in there! I was so impressed with the results that I took a post-baking photo to show y’all. I’m not a rep for these pans or anything, I just thought you needed to know that the informercials are every bit accurate.

Also, isn’t it a little nuts that Thanksgiving is next week?! I had no idea it was so soon; but now, I’m ready with this mini pie plan – and so are you! Let the baking commence!




Pumpkin Pie Bites
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  1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees
  2. Combine all ingredients except for evaporated milk and mix
  3. Slowly add in evaporated milk and continue mixing until blended
  4. Roll dough out onto smooth, clean surface
  5. Using the circular cutter, cut 12 mini pie crusts out of the dough
  6. Gather remaining dough and roll it out again
  7. Using the pie crust cutters, cut out 12 shapes of your choice
  8. Fill each space in the muffin tin with a pie crust
  9. Pour pumpkin pie filling into each crust, only going about 1/2 way to the top
  10. Place dough shapes in the refrigerator
  11. Cook pumpkin pie for 10 minutes
  12. Remove from oven and drop heat to 350
  13. Place a single dough shape on top of each pie and return to oven to cook for an additional 25 minutes
  14. Use a toothpick to ensure that pie is cooked
  15. Remove from oven and allow to cool for 2 hours
  16. Store in the refrigerator

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