DIY Christmas card holder

Merry Mail DIY Christmas Project

I’m not super crafty or creative by nature, but I love it. Pinterest has me feeling some type of way, especially this time of the year. Give me all the holiday craft projects! Truthfully, sometimes I need an outlet that’s healthy – I love (like love love love) my work, and I could sit and obsess over it for 12+ hours a day, but there can be too much of a good thing, so I decided to start trying some of the things on my Pinterest boards… everyone needs a hobby. 


I’ve tried some of the really cute stuff, and it usually ends in tears, so I try to keep my crafting to fairly basic stuff. It’s kind of like cooking, the more ingredients I have to buy and different cutting, rolling, and twisting that it’s involved, the worse the end result usually is. Good rule of thumb 😉 collage-2This was really basic to make and it only took me about an hour! I found my supplies at Joann Fabrics, The Dollar Tree, and Walmart. I originally saw this idea last Christmas and wanted to make it, but never got around to it. The example I had pinned was a lot more in depth, with some cute string lighting in between the safety pins, but I decided that I don’t want to be responsible for anything that involves electric or batteries – the pressure is just toooooo much. Really, I’ve been known to catch microwaves on fire, shock myself, and put holes in places they don’t belong (fingers, falls..etc.).

The chalkboard and chicken wire come as one piece from Joann Fabrics – it was $15, but I got it for $7.50 with this 50% off coupon. If you want to order it online, it’s available here on Amazon. The paint is my absolute favorite, I use this dark wood stain for all of my unfinished wood products, and it’s SO easy to use. It often times only takes one coat, dries really quickly, and has a perfect smooth finish. The bad news? This is from last year, and I think they stopped making it because I can’t find it anywhere! I’ve heard good things about the Rust-Oleum brand, so when this runs out, that will be my next purchase. paintThe clothespins are from The Dollar Tree, and they actually came on twine, but instead of trying to figure out a cute way to string the twine across, I just took them off and clipped them to the wire. $1 for a pack of 12! There were other designs as well, I think maybe Santa hats and Christmas trees? The last thing you’ll need are brushes. I prefer this foam brush for the wood stain because it covers a lot of area in a really short amount of time. It’s also easy to cover the wood without spending a ton of time on detail (not my strong suit). I bought this package of them when I got the wood stain last year and I’m pretty sure I’ll have them for the rest of my life – for a $4 investment! I did have to finally buy a few smaller brushes to get the stain along the sides of the chalkboard and wire, so I went with a really cheapy pack from Walmart, here’s something similar on Amazon if you’re not shopping in person. I think any brush will work, it’s really just to fill in those small spaces that you can’t get to with the wider foam used a chalk marker to write across the chalkboard. The pinspiration behind this had the words “merry mail” written, which I thought was cute, so I decided to do it too! If you plan to use this marker, be sure to test your writing out before starting, because this is paint, not chalk. It doesn’t erase. If you want to be able to change this or don’t feel confident that you can write straight across – my biggest fear during this project – I would suggest using regular chalk so you have a do-over option. 


Once your wood stain has dried, simply remove the clothespins from the twine (unless you have already come up with a cute way to string it across…over-achiever) and clip them to the wire. The back of the wood has 2 hanging clips already attached, so you can hang it or lean it against a wall.

DIY Christmas card holderNow, on to the really hard stuff; attempting to get the whole gang of animals to sit still for 5 seconds this weekend to take our family photo and create our cards to send out! 

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