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(( Small ripples create big waves ))

Do you believe this saying? Truth be told, I never did. I wasn’t sure I was really meant for anything great. I didn’t believe that I could make an impact on the world or that I was even gifted or talented enough to matter.

Through coaching, God showed me that I was wrong. I was made for something great, and so are you. While I will admit that initially, I thought “something great” meant being on American Idol (I can’t sign… like at all), getting my own reality show, or developing some vaccine to cure some disease, I’m grateful to have learned that I can be great doing something small.

On our team, United Catalyst, we believe that we each have the ability to make a huge impact on the world we live in, not by doing something astronomical, but by doing the same small things that utilize our individual strengths and talents to empower others. We are a community of women and men who live to serve, all while gaining more than we could ever imagine. We aren’t extra special or fearless, we just put those fears aside for the greater good; life change.

So what does a coach do? Great question! Most people make an initial assumption that a coach is a health and fitness professional, which isn’t necessarily true! If you have a health and fitness background, that’s an amazing asset! However, if you don’t, rest assured, that’s not a requirement.

Being a great coach has far more to do with the ability to encourage and inspire than fitness or nutrition knowledge. Because we represent such a great company, all the knowledge that we need to run successful fitness groups is provided for us through workouts, nutrition plans, and lots of resources.

Coaching is an incredible business opportunity; it’s not a “get rich quick” thing or a pyramid scheme, and like all true jobs, you must put in the work and the effort to see growth in your business and income. The work isn’t hard, it’s fulfilling and although we are serving leaders, don’t think that we don’t gain an abundant amount from what we do. The daily conversations we get to have, meeting people exactly where they’re at, using our stories to promote positivity, showing someone love who might need it more than we realize – those things are worth more than any paycheck could buy.

Our team is in the top 200 out of over 450,000 coaches and we have a purpose to change lives, give back, have fun, and live a life full of passion. I am looking for those I can invest in and mentor who are serious about growing a business, seeing the bigger picture, and stepping out to create those small ripples, which eventually lead to big waves.

Again, there is no requirements other than a desire to help others, a commitment to learning and growing, and a passion that is bigger than any fears. If you’re interested in being a part of our tribe and earning a part-time or full-time income, please complete the application below, and I’ll be in touch!

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