Insanity Max 30

So it’s officially been 61 days since I started Insanity Max 30 – December 15th, 2014. 100% honest disclosure; I was dreading this program. I don’t LOVE cardio. Jumping jacks kill me. But…. I wanted to give it a go so that I could form a real opinion for myself! My husband did the program with me, so I loved the idea of us doing it together, and competing with ourselves (and also each other!). So we started the program. During this time, I traveled for 3 weeks, went on an 8 night cruise, had holiday party after holiday party, and STILL saw results. I was not looking to lose weight when starting this program; it was more a test of endurance, mental stamina, and a goal to tone and build lean muscle. All of that happened, which is so great. My weight was maintained – I lost 2 pounds in the beginning of the program, but changed my daily food goals to make up for that and maintain my weight from then on. Below is my video review; ****I gave the wrong start date in the video; but was too lazy to record a new one***** also, my before/after pictures. Hubby isn’t done yet since he missed a week of the program while I was traveling – he’ll be finishing this week!

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It seriously brings me to tears to think that there has always been a girl inside of me who could do things like this. It took a long time to find her, and an even longer time to convince her – but here it is. And that girl {or guy} is inside all of you too. Sometimes it takes a fight to get them out, but don’t give up. Keep fighting until you get what you want. Push yourself daily, not for someone else, but for you. And DIG DEEP. The only difference between a long shot and a big shot is perseverance. 🙂


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