Protein Packed Omelette

Hidden Motives & Protein Packed Omelette

Proverbs 21:2 (msg)

We justify our actions by appearances, God examines our motives.


It’s kind of a scary thought that God knows everything about our everything, isn’t it? Our hearts, minds, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and definitely our motives. It’s scary because I think we so often forget that we’re not alone with our thoughts, no matter how much it can feel that way sometimes. Have you ever thought something or done something and been incredibly grateful that you didn’t say that thing out loud, or that no one knew what your motivations behind your actions were? Well, that’s only partially true. Other humans can’t always read us and know what’s going on, but God does.

Luckily, we serve a loving and forgiving God who doesn’t hold those things against us or respond to our behaviors in the ways that we deserve. But if you ever thought you were going to get one past God, think again. There’s no tricking Him, manipulating Him, or outwitting Him.

God is not only fully aware of everything we do, but also why we’re doing it. This is one of the main reasons that legalism doesn’t work. Rules don’t equal relationship. They can, but only when our hearts are in the right place. If we only give, pray, and worship because we’re told to, our actions aren’t coming from a place of love and trust.

With that being said, sometimes, we worship when we don’t feel like it, pray when we don’t understand, and give when we don’t want to. That doesn’t mean that our motives aren’t correct; it means we’re practicing obedience. When we know that God is good, that He cares for us, and that our obedience is an act of love toward Him, that’s completely different than doing something with false motives.

One of my favorite examples of this concept in the Bible comes from the book of Mark, chapter 12 (also Luke 21). Jesus is sitting outside of the Temple where people were coming to tithe. Many people put money inside the box. An old woman drops 2 small coins into the box; we’re told the sum is less than a penny.

On paper, it looks like the rich people gave a lot of money, and the woman gave just a little. Check box, right? Not so much. Check out what Jesus says about this: “Jesus called his followers to him and said, ‘This poor widow put in only two small coins. But the truth is, she gave more than all those rich people. They have plenty, and they gave only what they did not need. This woman is very poor, but she gave all she had. It was money she needed to live on (Mark 12:43-44 ERV).’”

God sees what’s behind our actions. For the rich people, it was obligation and rules, but for the poor woman, it was faith. In order to change our motives, we have to allow God to first change our hearts. Without His transforming grace in our lives, we’re just following a checklist. But with His guidance and grace, our actions become an extension of our hearts, and our motives are based on who He is, not who we are.


Journal about a time that your actions didn’t match up with your motives. In your writing, include how you were feeling and what you were hoping to accomplish through those actions.


For both your motives and actions to be fueled by God’s grace.

Protein Packed Omelette

2 minPrep Time

4 minCook Time

6 minTotal Time

Serves 1 Omelette

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  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 cup cottage cheese
  • 1/8 avocado or 2 tablespoons guacamole
  • salt
  • pepper
  • non-stick cooking spray


  1. Spray a small skillet with non-stick cooking spray and heat over medium heat until skillet is hot
  2. Crack eggs and scramble with salt and pepper
  3. Pour eggs into skillet and swirl around so that the liquid covers the entire pan
  4. Once the eggs begin to set along the edges, use a spatula to push eggs toward the center, allowing the rest of the eggs to spread out across the pan
  5. When all the liquid has set along the edges, spread the cottage cheese across half of the omelette and flip the other half on top
  6. Push down gently and cook for an additional minute
  7. Carefully move the omelette to a plate and top with avocado/guacamole

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Nutrition info is calculated using low-fat cottage cheese and 2 tablespoons packaged guacamole.

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