Hair Tutorial: Those Long Curls Tho…

I get asked on my social media pages a lot of questions about how I curl my hair, so I thought the time had finally come to create a tutorial. I am by no means a hair expert, and I’ve found the “perfect curl” after tons of trial and error.


Prior to using my straightener, I was using hot rollers, and then a wand. Both are fine, but were time consuming and never left me with the long, flowy curls I was looking for. I’d heard about people using their straighteners, but it seemed really complicated, and the very first time I tried it, I burnt my finger by grabbing the hot plate part, so it does take some practice and muscle memory, but once you get it down, it’s so quick and easy.


I always start by letting my hair air dry if possible. I have naturally frizzy hair, which is normally a curse, but in this situation works out well, because it adds volume naturally. When I blow dry it, it tends to look flatter. I also try to avoid putting any product in before it’s dry. Again, anything I add will take away from the frizz/poof and I like big curls.


Once it’s dry, I usually spray all over lightly with hair spray so that it holds the curl a little better, and then I get started! I have really thick hair, and this process takes me around 20 minutes. Since I’m not into washing my hair every day, the curls usually last for the next day as well. #winning

I hope this helps you get the curls you’ve been looking for! Do you guys have any other hair tricks for the perfect curl?!


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