How to Go Longer Between Washes; Your Hair Will Thank You!

One of the things I pride myself on the most is my ability to not wash my hair, and your inability to notice 😉 But really, I rarely wash my hair. On my things I hate doing the most list, hair washing is right up there, next to unloading the dishwasher.

If we’re friends on Instagram, you might see my stories from time to time. It’s been brought to my attention that I play with my hair, like all the time. But last week, I got a message that said:

“Okay, you play with your hair 24/7, AND you always talk about how you never wash it, but it never looks greasy! What’s your secret?!”

Normal people would be embarrassed, I’m gloating. But it did make me think that maybe more of you would like to spend less time washing/doing your hair too. So. today I’m sharing my favorite tips and tools that will lead you to a happier, dirtier life of freedom! I’m not a stylist or hair expert, I’ve just spent a lot of time avoiding the shower and the time it takes to do something with this mane. And I really do feel like my hair is much healthier now than it ever has been.

On average, I wash my hair twice a week; 3 times a week if it’s a special occasion. And that’s with a daily workout – so it is totally possible to have grease-free hair for up to 5 days. I don’t use any special shampoo or conditioner, although I’ve heard great things about brands like Monat for extending your time between washes. The work all starts at the end of your shower, you ready?

First things first, make sure every ounce of shampoo/conditioner is out of your hair. Ever been in a rush and accidentally leave just a small layer of conditioner? Me too. Greasy hair in hours. Next, you want to have clean hands when you’re drying, brushing, and styling your hair. I used to jump out of the shower, put on all my lotions and potions, and then pull my hair out of the towel to brush it. But all of that junk that was all over my hands was now being combed through my hair. It’s funny because you don’t really think about your out-of-the-shower routine and the specific order of it, but it’s pretty key. It’s a good idea to either brush your hair before you do anything else, or if you’re going to do it last, wash your hands right before.

I’ve found that the less I touch my hair, specifically my roots, during styling, the longer I can between washes. For that reason, I almost always let my hair air dry versus blowdrying it. I usually shower at night and sleep with it wet, then style it the next morning. If I do have to blow dry it, I always use a brush instead of using my hands to move it around while drying. Using a good brush is key. My favorite is the Wet Brush, I seriously go nowhere without it.  Oil typically comes from the scalp, so the less I touch it, the less oil I see.

Once my hair is dry, I almost always curl it. The method I use to curl it is also another really important aspect of my routine. I use my straightener because it gives me the nicest, lasting curls. It’s easy to go back over them after a few days if they start to fall out, and they don’t tangle, since they’re loose curls. I created a video tutorial awhile back on how to use a straightener for curling, you can check it out here! It takes a little while to get the muscle memory down, but once you do, it’s a game-changer.

Using the right hairspray at the right time makes all the difference for me. I only spray my hair twice, once right before I start curling and once right after. Again, less product and less touching = less oil. I’ve tried dozens of different hairsprays from different brands, and I eventually landed on Tresemme level 3 that comes out as a fine mist. It’s perfect because it doesn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy, which leads to tangles, which leads to a forced, unplanned hair-washing. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

After a few days, my hair does start to get oily, so that’s when I grab my bestie, Batiste Dry Shampoo. Here’s the thing; you have to know how to use this stuff to see results. I’ve heard so many people complain about it not working or causing a chalky film in their hair. YES girl, it can happen. The trick that’s worked for me is using a really small amount, only on my roots, and spraying parallel to my hair, not directly down on it. I pull up the parts that are looking a little oily from my roots (the only time I touch them!) and spray. Then I blend it in with my fingers and fluff it around a little.

Day 5 is usually a ponytail or top knot day, and dry shampoo works even better on those days, because it’s all kind of pushed together. Some other obvious tricks are headbands, beanies, and baseball caps. So if you see me in any of those on my social media, now you know why.

I keep mentioning over and over again how it’s so important not to touch your hair, but I started this post talking about how often I touch my hair; what gives? I can’t believe I’m typing this out – the definition of first world problems here, but if you’re going to play with your fair, don’t touch your roots! I’m always grabbing and tossling from the ends, or running my fingers through mid-way, right near my ears. It was a big change for me at first, but I had to learn to adjust. HA.

Obviously, I’m being silly, but these things do help me to spend a lot less time washing and styling my hair without leaving me looking like a totally dirty weirdo. Do you have any of tips or products you use to go longer between washes? If so, share them below!

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