GirlBoss Interview with Food Faith Fitness

Do you ever connect with someone and have a girl crush on them, like instantly? I first connected with Taylor’s pancakes (girl crush #1) and then got to chat with her (girl crush #2).

If you know me, you know that I could live in a house made of pancakes, and eat my way out in a day. So, of course, I clicked a recipe called Pancake Parfait (who wouldn’t) on Pinterest, leading me to Taylor’s blog, Food Faith Fitness.

After stalking her page for a few hours, I decided to email her to tell her how much I was in love with everything I saw. Much to my surprise, she answered right away, and was so kind and full of great info! When I started this “girlboss” series, I knew Taylor would be the perfect interviewee (is that a word?), which is why I’m so excited to share what we chatted about!

If you haven’t clicked around on her blog yet, it’s overflowing with clean eating recipes that will send you running for the kitchen, and so much more. There is also a Sunday series called “Sunday Reflection” where Taylor talks about what she’s learned throughout the week. She says that “faith is huge in her life, and she tries to bring that into a food blog as best she can.”

She recently added fitness tips and videos to her page as well, so I’m looking forward to seeing what she has up her sleeve to share.

When you visit Food Faith Fitness, it’s hard to believe that Taylor has only been blogging for exactly 2 years. She is so full of knowledge, recipes, and love, and it’s hard to believe that her blog hasn’t been up forever. When I asked her how she got into blogging, she said “It was actually my husband. I had a job that I hated, and I just came home and watched The Food Network all day. He thought I needed some sort of hobby that I actually loved, and he enjoyed the dinners I made for us. He suggested I start a food blog, just for fun. Little did I know that it would actually turn into my full-time job in only 1 year!”

But it hasn’t been easy to grow such a great site. Taylor says that the most challenging part is “the time it takes. I work way longer hours than I ever have, because you can’t just put a “closed” sign up at 5 o’clock. It’s the internet, it never just closes. People always have comments, questions etc. The internet and social media is also always evolving, so it’s hard to constantly keep up.” And when talking about personal sacrifices that she made while starting her blog, “I sacrificed my whole first year of marriage because I was just too busy” to go on dates because I felt that I had to “learn it ALL RIGHT NOW.” It’s something I regret, but am so grateful that my husband was as understanding as he was.”

Regardless of some of the trying aspects of this unconventional job, Taylor encourages any one who wants to make bring a dream like this to life, to go for it. “JUST DO IT. And, no, Nike did not tell me to say that. I honestly never dreamed that Food Faith Fitness would have turned into what it has, but it did. If you have a true passion behind something, and are willing to put in some good, quality work, you can succeed. Really, it’s that simple. You make it happen.”

If you want to learn more about Taylor, you can see the full transcript from our interview here.

Check out her website for some amazing recipes, and if you’re interested in becoming your own girlboss, she even has a blogging resources tab with her favorite suggestions.

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