Girlboss Interview – Mind Over Munch

Guys… I am totally geeking out.

A few months ago, I started something fun where I interviewed women who had started their own business, blog, or brand. When I started doing this, I had several goals

  • Showcase amazing women and their talents – it’s all about spreading the love!
  • Show other women who are unhappy in their “safe job” that there is hope, that you can color outside of the lines.

So, I set out on a mission to connect with these amazing women and learn more about them, then share their stories to inspire all of you!

In my excitement, I sent out an email to one of my favorite girlbosses, Alyssia from Mind Over Munch. Her website is FILLED with amazing recipes and creations, and she is one of my go-to foodies, because she focuses on clean foods. I never have to worry that her recipes will incorporate something yucky and try to find an alternative. She also films twice a week for her youtube channel, which is not only entertaining, but also full of goodies.

I never imagined that I would actually get to sit down and chat with her about business, food, YouTube, and turning a 100 day clean eating challenge into a brand that reaches hundreds of thousands of people, but that’s exactly what happened!

I wanted to share her journey of building a brand with anyone who was afraid to pull the trigger or who needed inspiration, and when I watched this interview again, I think that’s exactly what Alyssia shared.

Take a peek, tag a friend who is searching high and low for their dream job, and be inspired!

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