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Faithfully Fit… You’re Invited!

If you’re a regular reader over here, I’m sorry! Just kidding – thank you, thank you for reading my rambles and shambles! I realize that my blog is all over the map – like from New York to Tokyo. When I first set out to blog, I had no idea what I wanted to blog about, and I originally called my site “The Healthiness Project”. If you’ve been reading since then, really thank you. And do you have cable? Because I don’t know how I could have possibly held your attention for so long 🙂

After falling in love with blogging, I decided I wanted to expand my topics. Sure, I love being healthy, but often times, I have so much more on my mind than a recipe. When I started sharing our struggle with infertility, I decided to revamp and rename, which is how the site that you’re reading now was born.

The reason I’m telling you this is because you might be wondering how all of this comes together. I’m a fitness coach who runs virtual accountability groups. I seek to help women feel and look their best through healthy eating, regular exercise, and community.

Over the last year or so, my relationship with God has been through the wringer. It’s been the absolute hardest time of my life. My faith has been shaky, my circumstances have been high and low, the emotional journey I’ve been on has been long and exhausting. I stopped showing up to talk to God, stopped trusting God with my stuff, and started blaming Him.

The only good thing about struggle and sin is the people around who get to witness your comeback story – because it’s undeniably evident that I didn’t do it alone. In fact, I would say I didn’t do anything other than get back to the basics of my faith.

During the time of struggle, I relied heavily on my healthy lifestyle to keep me sane. And then I started to rely on it too heavily. It became a source of control in a very uncontrollable world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the times I spent sweating it out, crying during push-ups, and eating my feelings in extra greek yogurt instead of frozen yogurt. But instead of going to God to deal, I went to exercise.

Just recently, I read the passage in Luke where Martha and Mary are having Jesus over for dinner. While Martha’s controlling, Mary is just being present. My stomach turns over every time I read this story – because I know exactly who I would be in it. I play the character of Martha so well, because it isn’t an act. Controlling, planning, perfecting, and picking apart is in my nature.

During this phase, I also hit a low time when I wanted to do nothing. If Jesus wants me to sit, I’ll sit. And by sit, I mean lay. And by lay, I mean sleep. In bed. All day. No responsibility here. I don’t care if they need me, I don’t care what I promised – I’m following Jesus. PSHHHHH.

Balance, friends. I eventually came to realize that I can accomplish goals and tasks with Jesus. They certainly shouldn’t come before Him or instead of Him, but they also shouldn’t be omitted and excused away.

Now, Jesus rides shotgun. Metaphorically. And literally, I hope, because drivers are crayyyy. Where I go, He goes. When I’m lost, He helps. Sometimes He even picks the radio station and plans for the day. I told someone about this “shotgun” thing once, and with a look of surprise, they asked me why He wasn’t driving? Isn’t it safer for Jesus to drive? UHMM. YASSSSS. But that’s not real life. Free will is a very real thing. It’s my car – He made it, but gave it to me to take care of. So that’s what I’ll do my best on. But His help is crucial.

My life is far from perfect. I don’t have any of this right. I swear too often and fight with my husband more than it’s acceptable to talk about. I lie, I’m jealous of my neighbor and her Range Rover, and I most definitely don’t love all people all the time. But I’m showing up and I’m learning.Fitness and Faith

75 paragraphs ago, I was supposed to start talking about the Faithfully Fit group that’s starting in a few weeks. I’m pretty sure the reason I started talking about all of the above in the first place is to tell you that I know what it feels like to be physically healthy, and I think I know what it feels like to be spiritually healthy, and I’m really excited to see what happens when they work simultaneously. This group is totally different than anything I’ve ever done, but it’s been on my heart, so I’m taking a step outside of my comfort zone, and would love to have you come along with me!

For 21 days, we’re going to focus on being healthy and treating our bodies well through prayer, devotion, community, and faith! The journey of healthy living isn’t meant to be taken alone – first and foremost, because God wants to be a part of all aspects of our lives, including how we care for our physical bodies. He also directs us toward people that can support us and love on us. In this community, we’ll be going through a daily devotional and workbook to come alongside each other, grow closer to God, and learn what He has to say about living a healthy life.

This group is completely free!
You’ll receive:
– A weekly meal plan full of new recipes
– Daily exercise suggestions
– A printable workbook
– A community

You’ll be required to:
– Check in daily
– Love others and keep this a judgement free zone
– Download a free app to access the devotional
– Get excited to see how God works in our lives!

If you’re up for joining us, I would be honored to have you! You can hop on over to the event page on Facebook and click “attending”. If you have any questions, click the pink widget at the bottom of this page to contact me!

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