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My friends at Enlightened sent me over some of their new products to try, and I was ecstatic, because trying new, clean foods is one of my favorite hobbies! If you know me, I find a few favorites and stick to them – such a creature of habit! Funny enough, my hubby is the same way, so when we are jumping on a new food bandwagon, we both have to be all in, or it’s a no-go.

When the package arrived, we sat down and had a full taste testing session, and I was pleasantly surprised with {almost} everything <- I’ll explain!

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Let’s start with their ice-cream bars. We got Sea Salt Caramel and Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl, and both…amazing. A few months back, hubby found a frozen yogurt bar that he really liked – HOWEVER, it contains soy, not organic. I know there are lots of back and forth opinions on soy and whether or not it can be harmful, I personally prefer to stay away from it, so the fact that it was in the ingredient list 1) ensured that I would never get to enjoy them as a clean treat and 2) made me worried about what he was putting in his body. I should also note that I was shocked to see the calories, sugar, and protein on the Enlightened ice cream bars we got, compared to what I was used to seeing. Enlightened ice cream bars have 80 calories, 7 grams of protein, and 5 grams of sugar. That’s around 11 grams less than the bars I was using for comparison! Once I got done stalking the ingredient label, I finally opened to the package and we tried them out. SO YUM! They were sweet, without being too sweet. Perfect portions, and my favorite part was the texture! They kind of separated the way a cinnamon roll does, in all the perfect places.
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We probably went in the opposite order, because the second thing we tried was the roasted broad beans. Who says you can’t have dessert first? The flavors seem to never end; we got sea salt, garlic & onion, mesquite bbq, wasabi, and sriracha. I had never had broad beans before, before I love a crunchy snack. After all, I am a former potato chip junkie. These are perfectly crunchy, I would say they are similar to roasted chick peas, if you’ve ever had those. They come in bags to share and adorable little 100 calorie packs. Finally, a 100 calorie pack with actual nutrition in it? Low calorie, high fiber (3 grams), high protein (7 grams), low sodium(120 mg), non-gmo verified – seems like a great grab and go to me! Just to give you an example of another popular 100 calorie pack – 1 gram of protein, 140 mg of sodium, 1 gram of fiber, and 7 GRAMS OF SUGAR (that’s more than the ice cream bars!) – plus, the first ingredient on this “other” 100 calorie pack is enriched flour, so absolutely not clean = very little nutritional value.


Now, I’ll get to what you’re all wondering about – FLAVORS!
Mesquite BBQ was my absolute favorite – it had the perfect amount of flavor, not too much to be overwhelming, but reminded me of my BBQ potato chips days, without all the guilt.
Sea Salt – a nice little salty treat! Not anything to shout from the rooftops, but it is just plain sea salt. Would be good for a true snack, not when you’re looking for a specific taste.
Garlic & Onion – Really good! I am a fan of garlic anything, so these had a really good flavor. Definitely true to their name, so if you aren’t a garlic lover, you’ll want to pick a different flavor.
Sriracha – Okay, so here is where I started to get nervous. I don’t eat spicy anything – I am a baby. Sriracha on it’s own is super spicy to me, so I had a bottle of water handy. However, these were actually perfect. They had a tiny kick, and a really good taste, but weren’t SPICY at all.
Wasabi – & in all honesty, this is where I got lost. If I had a few foods I could remove from the planet, wasabi would be one of them. Again, not a fan of spicy and the taste to me is just very…gross. However, hubby loved them and he really likes wasabi, so the fact that I didn’t enjoy these is probably from the fact that I don’t enjoy wasabi anything.

If you want to check out these products, you can visit their website www.eatenlightened.com

I am so happy to have found a replacement for hubby’s nightly treat that makes me feel a little better, and that I can enjoy too! There are so many more flavors, so I’ll keep you guys up to speed on what we try next. There are also ice cream cookie sandwiches, and it’s ice cream season… so that’s pretty much a guaranteed purchase.

A big thank you to Enlightened for sending me some samples, and for asking for my opinion!

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