Eat (clean), Pray (often), Love (beach weather)

So tomorrow is a big day for me – I head out on a little journey all by my lonesome. I’m sure a lot of you have traveled alone before, but this is new for me.

I love my husband to the end of the world and back. We started dating when I was 17, and shortly after that, moved in together and have been inseparable for the last 7 years. Life has been amazing for us, and I have the unexplainable joy of being involved in one of those love stories that worked out, even when it wasn’t supposed to.

With that being said, the only down side to my life is that I don’t feel like I ever gave myself the opportunity to really discover who I am, just as a woman. Not as a wife, or a partner, but just as a being. While it sounds crazy, and it’s an incredible problem to have, it truly does kind of bother me that I don’t view myself as strong and independent. The kind of woman who doesn’t need anyone, you know?

Will 7 days away show me who I am? Maybe, maybe not. But it will give me the opportunity to be responsible for myself. To prove to me that I can be on my own, totally capable. That everything I encourage my followers, my challengers, my friends to do… I can do.

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to do this. A year ago, I could have never even considered paying for this or taking this time away. I believe wholeheartedly that God puts us on a path to grow, change, learn, love, and share our hearts and stories with others.

So…. here I go! Big world, I’m coming for you. Follow along this week if you want to hear my story!

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