DIY Nightstands – rustic & cheap

I know that most of my posts are about fitness or eating or working out… or eating while working out 🙂 but I have unleashed my creative gene (one single gene) and I have been trying some fun projects for our new house. I really like this one, and it was incredibly easy, trust me, we wouldn’t be having this conversation if it wasn’t. Also, super affordable.

First things first – print a coupon from Michaels or Joann Fabric for 40% or 50% off an item, whatever you can find. These crates cost $12.99 at Joann’s and $13.99 at Michaels. So use the coupon for one, and it should make your wood around $20 total. If you’re feeling real ambitious, you can buy one at a time with 2 separate coupons to get them both at a discount.

Anywhoooooo – look for crates that are not damaged. Just because these come from the store doesn’t mean they don’t have cracks, chips, and splintered wood. So, be sure to look them over before you get them – the best condition possible is what you’re looking for. You’ll need 2 crates for each nightstand, so in my case, I bought 4. I also bought everything I needed to paint and put them together. This list includes;
Martha Stewart Wood Stain (in the paint section)
Americana Decor soft touch varnish (note; this keeps it looking like wood – not shiny. If you want shiny, you’ll want to go for the wax. Same brand.)
Foam brushes (I got a package of 3 different sizes so that I could reach all the angles of the crate)
3M refill kit (no hooks needed)
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Lay out a towel or newspaper to paint on. I would not paint these outside, because they will need to sit and dry for about 24 hours, and you won’t want to risk leaving them in the elements or having to move them while wet. I did mine on the laundry room floor with lots of old towels. You’ll want to paint the crate right side up, so that you can get all areas, including the inside, at one time. That way, after it’s dry, you’ll only have to flip them over to do the bottoms, and any touch ups. I only did one coat, but you’ll want to see the color and make sure it’s dark enough for your liking. Once all stain is done and dry, paint on one coat of the varnish. This dries clear, so you don’t have to be as careful with hitting every nook.

***CAUTION – Be sure that both the stain and the varnish are even and do not have clumps anywhere before drying. If you let it dry with clumps, they will remain that way, so I suggest using a separate foam brush to dry brush over any parts that look a little wet.

Once completely dry, select the crate that you want on the bottom. Look at the tops of each crate to see what has the best finish and use that as your top crate. Place 2 of the 3M refill strips on the selected bottom crate, I used the second place in, but the third would work too. Peel the backing off the other side, and hoover your top crate over to line it up before sticking it done. Once lined up, stick it down and hold it tight for 30 seconds or so to be sure the adhesive has connected. That’s all. You’re done!

In total for 2 nightstands, this project cost me:
$41 for all crates (used a 40% off coupon for 2 of the crates)
$14 for wood stain
$13 for varnish
$5 for brushes
$3 for 3M strips
$76 for TWO nightstands!

I didn’t look for the best pricing on any of this stuff other than the crates, so you can probably do it even cheaper, or may have some of this stuff around the house!

And here is your end result->
2015-03-13 19.18.56

Happy crafting!
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