Breakfast Ice Cream Sandwich

Discipline & Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

Hebrews 12:11 (tpt)

Now all discipline seems to be more pain than pleasure at the time, yet later it will produce a transformation of character, bringing a harvest of righteousness and peace to those who yield to it.


Starting something new is pretty much the worst, isn’t it? Typically even the things we’re excited to begin typically include some kind of ramp up period that can feel really difficult. A few years ago, I decided I wanted to start getting up earlier, and I began setting my alarm for 5 AM. The first morning it went off, I think I actually cried. Real tears. I was so tired. I was so sure this new decision was a mistake. And I went back to bed.

But a few months later, I was back to feeling like there wasn’t enough time in the day; working from home and being self-employed certainly has its perks (a lot of them!) but maintaining a schedule and being a self-starter is a necessary evil that I had to master. So, I tried again. I followed a few pointers I’d read in a blog post or article, such as putting my phone on the other side of the room, so that I had to get up anyway to shut off the alarm. And it was still awful The first day: miserable. The second day: tragic. But by the end of the week, I was feeling a little less tearful every morning. And by the end of the first month, I had really started to adjust. Now, several years later, I’m typically up before my alarm even goes off.

People think I’m crazy when I tell them what time I wake up (yes, even on the weekends!) but it’s not something that feels difficult, so that claim no longer resonates with me. But that’s only because of the really challenging days, weeks, and months that I had to fight through first. The same thing applies to adding exercise into your routine, swapping out some unhealthy foods in your diet, going back to school, starting a new job, and on and on. There’s always a learning curve; it’s called discipline.

One of the areas of our lives that also requires discipline is spending time in the Word and in prayer. It can be really challenging to build that habit. But, until we commit to starting and pressing through the difficult times, we’ll have to keep starting over.

I have a confession to make; I’m in a season of difficulty with reading the Word and praying. My routine got off track during the course of our move and getting settled in, and now, I can’t seem to find my groove. When I open the Word now, it’s typically to write this devotional. In the middle of my prayers, I find my thoughts trailing off to a mental grocery list.

But I know that with the commitment to working through this period of growth, things will change. As the scripture mentions, when we push on with our “training”, a transformation is produced in us. If you’re new to Bible study and prayer, or it’s been awhile since you’ve included it in your day, you can start, right here – right now. It’s never too late and it’s never been too long to begin building a new habit. And if there’s any habit worth building, it’s this one.


What are some of the areas you’ve successfully practiced discipline in, in order to reach a goal you’d set? Is prayer and time in the Word an area you struggle to stay disciplined in? If so, how can you apply the same principles you’ve used to accomplish other goals? If not, what steps have you taken to ensure you continue to stay committed to spending time with the Lord?


For stamina as you work to build or strengthen your commitment to spending time daily with the Lord.

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

5 minPrep Time

5 minCook Time

10 minTotal Time

Serves 1

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  • 1 cup vanilla ice cream
  • 1/4 cup spelt flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tablespoon unsweetened apple sauce
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon cake batter extract
  • 1 teaspoon pure maple syrup
  • 1 tablespoon sprinkles
  • dash of salt
  • non-stick spray


  1. Combine all ingredients except for ice cream and sprinkles in a bowl and mix just until smooth
  2. Pour batter into waffle maker and cook until done, about 2 minutes
  3. Repeat with remaining batter
  4. If using a large waffle maker, divide waffles into 4ths
  5. Place a scoop of ice cream in between 2 waffles and press waffles together to create a sandwich
  6. Roll edges of ice cream into sprinkles
  7. Repeat until all waffles are used

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Nutrition information is calculated using Halo Top Vanilla Bean Light Ice Cream.

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