Costco Grocery Haul – Clean Eating Style 2

I have been asked a multitude of times what I usually buy at the grocery store in order to make sure my family and I are following at least the 80/20 rule, typically it’s closer to 90/10.

It’s often difficult for me to breakdown these shopping trips because I keep most things constantly stocked, and since we use most of the same staple products to create our meals, grocery shopping has become more “maintenance and replenishing”.

I was in Nashville for 5 days and pretty much cleared everything out except for the prepped food I left hubby, so when I got home yesterday, I had to immediately go to the grocery store to stock back up. What better time to give you guys a breakdown of what I keep in the house pretty consistently?!

I usually do a trip to Costco and Trader Joes every 2 weeks, and then a “fresh food” trip on the opposite week to a local grocery store like Kroger, or Whole Foods if I’m feeling extra ambitious, or the Farmers Market during these summer months. Yesterday was my bigger Costco/TJ’s trip – so I’ll share everything {bear with me, this is a long one!} Ready!?

Costco – My lifesaver! Did you know that Costco was just named top organic retailer?! What a freaking blessing! Their prices are incredible and they offer wholesome products – sign me up. The membership fee is $55 for the year, or you can get the business one for $110 a year, but you get 2% back on all your purchases, and you’re guaranteed to get at least the minimum upgrade charge of $55, so it’s a win-win. It is well worth the investment.

costco receipt

Ground Turkey – Let me be honest really quickly. I absolutely love the idea of organic meat. If you can buy each and every thing that goes into your body organic, do it. However, I also understand that it is not necessarily cost effective to do so. We try to buy majority of things organic, however, it just doesn’t always happen. I look for the best options for our grocery budget, and in this case, this turkey is not organic. However, it is lean, it is all natural with nothing added, it just simply wasn’t raised on an organic farm. It comes in a 4 pack totaling 6.73 pounds and costs $2.59 per pound. This will last us about 3 weeks, depending on how many of our meals primary protein is ground turkey. I don’t cook or eat much red meat, so anything that would typically require ground beef gets replaced with ground turkey.


Broccoli – Probably our main source of vegetables in this house. We both love it, so we make it a lot, and it’s super easy to pair with pretty much anything. 3 pounds of fresh (pre-cut!!) broccoli for $4.79.


Chicken Tenderloins – Again, same thought as above, these are not organic, but they are USDA verified (who knows how much weight that carries!) and no antibiotics are used on these chickies. I prefer tenderloins over breasts because I think they are easier to cook and make for better portion sizes. And SO cost effective at $2.99/pound. This package totals 6.92 pounds. We make chicken very frequently, so this is perfect for us, especially since the individual packets tear apart, allowing you to only defrost what you need!

chicken done

Greek Yogurt – Oh gosh. This is my soulmate, what I wake up for daily {Okay, I’m being dramatic.. but barely}. My husband thinks I’m nuts because I typically have to get one more of these in our week between Costco trips. I eat greek yogurt in almost all of my recipes – pancakes, chili, nachos, soup, you name it. It’s my protein, my milk, my sour cream, it’s crazy how much you can replace with this goodness. I always go for this brand, because it just rocks. If you’re eating it plain, cinnamon and berries, or even a drop of raw honey will spruce it up even more! These are 3 pounds each, and cost $6.49 per container.

yogurt done

Chicken Patties – These are processed! I’m aware, I just want to make sure you’re aware. I often feel like it’s my job to share knowledge about products that I post about, because I would never want to see someone eat one of these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, thinking it’s perfect for them, because I suggested it. With that being said, these are antibiotic free, a good source of protein, and taste yummy. BUT – you will always be doing yourself the biggest favor to prepare your meals, meaning that making chicken patties out of ground chicken with your own choice additions will always be the best choice. However, I enjoy these from time to time and they are a great “grill out” option for me since I don’t partake in the hot dog/hamburger party that typically goes on. Also, a good option for a meal that you’re absolutely crunched for time. I keep these in the freezer and only pull 1 or 2 out at a time when I know I will use them. These come with 10 patties for $12.79.

chicken burgers done

Yasso Yogurt Bars – Another treat, coming at ya! See, I am human! Hubby loves these! They are definitely part of your 20% balanced diet, and not something I eat a lot of because, honestly, I much prefer to use my treats on frozen yogurt with all the goodies, or more recently, smores. As far as ingredients go, they are pretty typical for your “frozen healthy dessert” and the nutrition isn’t terrible, because they at least contain some protein, so it’s not completely empty calories. Long story short – a good treat, not necessary, but tasty, and by far the cheapest place that these are sold! Box of 12 for $9.59, but be careful with 12 of these bad boys in the house at one time!


Ezekiel Bread – Another favorite and non-negotiable in our house. Ezekiel products are wonderful; I have never had something made by them that I don’t love. Sprouted grains are much easier on your digestive system and allow you to absorb much more of the nutrients. Hubby often takes PB&J to work as a snack, and I am the queen of french toast, when I’m not making waffles or pancakes, so this 2 pack is perfect. I leave 1 in the fridge and keep the other in the freezer. And the price point on these is ridiculous. $6.99 for 2 loaves! I often pay up to $5 for 1 loaf at other retailers.


Oats – I don’t eat oatmeal all that often, there are just many other carb choices I would prefer. There is nothing wrong with oatmeal, but it’s not a favorite of mine. I do occasionally bake with them, and they make a great substitute for bread crumbs. Hubby on the other hand, has eaten 1 cup of oatmeal every single morning at 5AM for the past 4 years, so needless to say, buying this in bulk is not an issue for us. We keep enough for a week’s worth in a counter top canister, and refill it on the weekends so he doesn’t have to fight with this 10 pound container. This is not something we buy every Costco trip – typically this lasts about 2 months. Total cost for this is $7.99.


Eggs – Definitely one thing I am really adamant about buying organic. I watched a really horrible documentary a few years ago specifically about how hens were cared for and what they were given to increase egg production, and that was the end of eggs for me for a long time. Just recently, I started eating them again, but they are always organic. 24 organic eggs for $6.49. Again, price point is crazy on this! I typically pay around $4.99 for a dozen eggs at my local grocery store.


Coconut Milk – This is a new purchase for me, so I’ll be sure to talk about how these taste. I put coconut milk in my coffee in place of creamer. I always buy the canned light coconut milk from Trader Joe’s, but the last 3 times I’ve been there, it’s not there, so maybe it’s dunzo? But.. I was down to my last can of coconut milk and couldn’t risk not having my beloved morning coffee be absolutely perfect, so I jumped on these. They don’t require refrigeration until opened, so the rest can be stored in the pantry or basement. I really like this brand and have lots of their dairy free ice cream flavors in my freezer. There are 6 cartons in here for $7.99, plus they’re organic, which my previous coconut milk was not. Stay tuned on these!

coco milkHousehold Stuff – I know this has nothing to do with clean eating, but since I’m here and they are on the receipt, I’ll mention how amazing Costco is for great prices on household necessities. They have everything from diapers, laundry detergent, envelopes – all of it. We were out of trash bags (200 for $13.89 and dryer sheets 260 for $8.49) so I grabbed those as well!


There ya have it – that’s what $138 buys you from Costco. Keep in mind that a lot of this stuff will last much longer than 2 weeks and isn’t necessary every time. This is a fairly large trip for me, most are around $105-$110 totals.

I am doing a cleanse, the 3 Day Refresh, and I found myself in the cookie aisle more times than I needed to be yesterday. Note to self; never grocery shop on day 1 of a cleanse after 5 days of falling way off the wagon.

Costco refresh

I’ll share all the goods from Trader Joe’s tomorrow! What do you typically buy at Costco? Any suggestions for must-haves?!

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2 thoughts on “Costco Grocery Haul – Clean Eating Style

  • Morgan A.

    Yes! I was one of the people who requested your Costco list 😉 I get a lot of these same things too..but 2 things I love Costco for are spinach (huge container lasts me about a week for salads/omlettes/sandwhiches, whatever) and almonds! I don’t know how much it is, but their huge bag of almonds last me forever. Oh and I am such a cereal person, so always cereal! Which isn’t the best sugar wise, but you know 😉 I recently just started shopping at Trader Joes once in a while, so I’m looking forward to that part!