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I think I’ve posted before about how I used to consume 99% creamer and 1% coffee, and I wish I could say that was a huge exaggeration… it’s really just a little bit dramatic. Since my days of going chemical free and shooting for the healthier stuff, I’ve been using coconut milk in my coffee {the canned kind!}, which I absolutely love. But every once in awhile, I want just a little sweet somethin somethin. So I had an idea while browsing the extract section at Walmart. There’s an amazing extract (imitation, not pure… I wish. But hey, a girl’s gotta live a little) called Caramel. I can only find it at Walmart, and it really is delish. Since it’s not pure, I don’t use it very often, but once a week or so, I’ll put it in my Shakeology for a nice treat.

Anywayyyy… why not add these extracts to the coconut milk I’m already using? There are so many amazing flavors, I can essentially make my own creamer with all the flavors I love, and tons of less calories/sugar/chemicals. Plus… what a money saver, right?!

So this morning, I opened up my can of coconut milk {I use light from Trader Joes} and put it into 2 mason jars {you can also store it in a shaker cup, or tupperware container – you just want it to be easy to pour!}. In the first jar, I added 1/2 teaspoon of this amazing caramel extract and in the second jar, I added 1/2 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. I shook it up, and BOOM. That’s seriously all. Creamy texture with a delicious hint of sweetness.

2015-04-21 06.47.05

2015-04-21 06.47.30
2015-04-21 06.49.44
2015-04-21 06.51.09

So now… I am busy thinking off all the different extracts I want to go purchase and try. I think there will be an increase in coffee consumption over the next few weeks, at least until my excitement dies down.

Happy Tuesday!
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One thought on “Clean Coffee Creamer That Doesn’t Suck

  • RebeccaHunter

    I love coffee but hate all the different creamers how they are so bad for you and skim milk just doesn’t do anything to coffee. I can’t wait to try this!