Clean Chicken Nuggets…. GIMMIE!

Confession…. still to this day, every ounce of me LOVES the idea of Mcdonalds. I am fully aware how bad it is, and all the crap that it’s filled with…. but something about the smell of fries and nuggets from there… gimmie the pink foam!! Just kidding… but I do still want some. So… clean chicken nuggets it is!

Cut thawed chicken tenderloins or breast into 2 inch squares. Dip in whole wheat flour, egg whites, and panko crumbs. Line in a baking dish and bake for 20 minutes on 400 degrees, then broil for just a few minutes to brown the outside <- watch them carefully, they will burn quickly!

I used sriracha as my dipping sauce, and made sweet potato fries and broccoli for the side!



2014-12-08 18.57.34

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