DIY Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor Tutorial: Joy Sign

Does anyone else have thousands of pins on Pinterest that just sit there, waiting to be attempted? I cannot be the only one who has lays in bed late at night, unable to sleep, fantasizing about switching lives with a DIY genius, right? If you follow me on social, I posted awhile back about how infertility has helped me realize that I don’t have a lot going on in my personal life. It’s easy for me to work 24/7, because I love it, but I think it’s important to have a healthy balance of things that I do, just for fun. I struggle with that because I strive on purpose; if it doesn’t have a purpose, I find it useless. But I’m learning more and more that sometimes uselessness is a purpose – in fact, that could be the definition of fun. Philosophy 101, try to keep up 😉

This is like the perfect Tinder combo; wife seeking hobby + 1000’s of pins just waiting to be noticed. Swipe right. So I decided to finally dive into some of the ideas I’ve been wanting to try, and I made a pact to do a Pinterest hack at least once a week from one of my boards. Some will inevitably fails, but so far, I’ve had pretty good luck. I’ve been mainly focusing on the crafty pins since it’s the holiday season, but I’m looking forward to trying a lot of the cleaning ideas, blogging tips, pet training, cooking, baking… all of it! I’ll be sharing these hacks on here to let all of you know whether or not they’re worth the pin or if they should be deleted from your crafting fantasy. 

DIY Christmas Sign
This week’s project was really fun, cheap, easy, and adorbs! I originally saw this idea from a fellow blogger, you can see her original post and creation here. I decided to put my own spin on it for a few reasons! First, she is wayyyy more creative than me, since she used plywood and built her canvas – way to go sister! For fear of losing my fingers, I decided to purchase the wood sign from Michaels. I definitely don’t think there’s a wrong way to craft anything, so it’s all about finding what’s easiest and most practical for you! I’ll share my supplies and process below!
The first thing I got was the wood pallet from Michaels. I’m not opposed to buying unfinished wood and staining it, but this came pre-stained and already had the twine attached for hanging it. With a 40% off coupon, this costs around $8. Next, I got a 15 foot garland from The Dollar Tree for $1. I cut it to be around 4 feet, wrapped it in a circle and wrapped the ends into the circle. I lined the back with painters tape.
 DIY Pallet Christmas Project
The unfinished wood letters are from Walmart for $2 each and I painted them white with 50 cent paint, also found at Walmart. Spray painting these would be much easier and less time-consuming, so if you have white spray paint or want to opt for that, I’d suggest it! I also got a really cheap mini hot glue gun from Walmart to use for this project for $3. I’ve tried wood glue, and never had any luck, so this time I went for hot glue, and it worked perfectly! 

JOY DIY Project
Pinterest Holiday Sign
Once your wreath is ready and your paint is dry, you can apply the hot glue to the back of the letters and to the painters tape on the back of the wreath. I couldn’t apply it directly to the garland without melting it and making a mess, so the tape worked out well. In the original tutorial, Ana places a nail on the pallet and simply hangs the wreath, which is a great idea also! 

DIY Holiday Sign
I started by measuring the length of the pallet and then correctly spacing each letter, and put the wreath on last. I waited for the hot glue to dry over night and when I woke up, it was ready to go! I’m considering adding some fun holly or pinecones to the wreath, but there’s something about the simplicity and minimalism of it that I like right now, so I may leave it as is! 

DIY Christmas Decor
All in all, I’d call this Pinterest project a win! It took about 30 minutes to make (without considering the paint dry-time) and around $13 for the supplies! Thanks to Ana White for her original inspo! And since I’m one of the only people left who waits for Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas, I’m off to take down the pumpkin stuff in the house and prepare for a big day of not breaking any ornaments tomorrow! Happy Holidays! 

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