Body Shaming …..Just stop

Do you want to know what I did today? I got up and I did a 30 minute workout, from my living room. I had breakfast, I worked all day helping others reach their health and fitness goals. Goals like lowering their cholesterol, their BMI, their risk of heart disease and diabetes. I developed meal plans and shopping lists to fit their lifestyle, their families needs, and their budgets. I consumed somewhere around 1800 calories throughout the today, for those of you wondering. And then I sat down to check on my business page, and I watched people mindlessly post their opinions about my body. The body that I make sure gets ample sleep every night, that gets exercise daily, that is fueled by whole foods, that carried me through a fucking marathon. And for a brief moment, I questioned everything that I have spent the last year working on. I absolutely understand that I am subjecting myself to ridicule and criticism by making 100% of my life public. But I feel that I have a duty, a responsibility, to put myself out there to help those who want it. If I hadn’t seen one of my now best friends being so vulnerable with her journey. I would still be the same unhealthy and unhappy girl that I was a year ago. And I have to believe that for every 1 person who sees me and thinks “I’m gross now” or “too skinny” or “anorexic”, 50 other people might be inspired to make the change that they so desperately want, or need. Unlike these opinionated bystanders, I don’t believe that a body needs to look a certain way to be healthy or sexy. But it does need to hold the soul of someone who loves themselves. You can be skinny, fat, tall, short, black, white, round, square…. but if you aren’t happy in your skin, it will never be good enough. As a health and fitness coach, my job is not to truly make you “fit”, it’s to make your outward appearance fit your inward confidence, to equalize your inner and outer beauty. As a nurse, and someone who works with health, fitness and nutrition every day – should I go to random Facebook pages and criticize their owners? I could give my unsolicited opinions on everyone who looks a little different than me. I could be the queen of deeming you “too fat”, “too skinny”, or “quite obviously sick”. The answer is no. I shouldn’t, you shouldn’t, he or she shouldn’t. You are not a doctor concerned with my health – and that’s just about the only reason I can think of for you to mention your thoughts to me, and even then, I hope you had a little better bedside manner. Please realize that ANY type of body shaming is not okay. Commenting that you think someone is too thin is exactly the same as telling someone just how fat you think they are. So please, Meghan Trainor and Facebook followers alike – STOP BODY SHAMING. You have no idea what someone’s stats are, nor are you being asked to analyze them. You are absolutely entitled to think whatever you please – but what are you gaining by publicly being such an asshole? Don’t like what you see? Good – it’s probably too much work for you anyway. Believe it or not, the body that is “gross and too thin” does not come without discipline, sacrifice, and hard work. So luckily for you, you’ll never have to worry about ending up “looking so sickly.” Being kind is a very simple concept. Work on yourself, worry about yourself, and keep your opinions to yourself if you don’t have anything nice to say. While my body may not be what you want to look at, desire to look like, or agree with – it’s not hurting anyone unlike your cruel and unnecessary comments.


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