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5 Popular Fitness Labels You Should Never Pay Full Price For

I pretty much live for workout gear. I wear it when I'm working out, I wear it when I'm not working out. I eat, sleep, shop, and work in workout gear. Makes me sound like a pretty sexy wife, right? I'm sure there's nothing my husband loves more than wondering what color sports bra is underneath my hoodie. 
Being comfortable is everything to me. I have a crazy-huge board on Pinterest titled OOTD, where there's tons of fashion ideas for every season, featuring booties, vests, wedges, and how to style the perfect jewelry for a summer BBQ - let's be honest, I'll probably show up in my nicest leggings.
Okay, you get it; exercise clothes aren't just for exercise! And while we've established that they are the most comfortable, they are definitely not the cheapest articles of clothing to buy. Often times, a quality piece of exercise clothing will cost more than a nice pair of jeans. We all have our favorite brands of workout gear, and they usually come with a price tag. I've spent years building up my fitness wardrobe; I started with a Walmart sports bra and a pair of Soffee shorts.
I've learned the hard way that you don't have to pay full price to have the luxury brands of fitness gear hanging in your closet (or thrown all over your way, still wet in the washer, under the seat of your car... whatever, I'm not judging). You can have the beautiful, high-quality brands that you see plastered on Insta without paying the full price tag. In fact, you shouldn't! Unless you are head-over-heels in love with a particular article of clothing (believe me, I know it happens!) paying full price is crazy when there are so many great deals to be had. Below, you'll find my top 5 favorite fitness clothing brands, and how to get a great deal on them!
  • Lululemon - we all know and love that beautiful A symbol (did you guys know that's an A?!) that represents empowered women with adorable arm bumps and apparently huge wallets. I used to judge; until I felt. The quality of Lulu clothes is different than many others - it's cozy and functional, it defies the "rules". But it's crazy-expensive! However, there's a really great section of their website called We Made Too Much. The stock varies widely depending on time of the year, and what's going on in the world of Lululemon, but there's usually lots of goods. You can't be super picky with style or color, but you can filter what you're looking for and your size, and they'll show you what's available. Check back often, because there's a huge demand for cheaper Lululemon clothes! Be sure to visit Ebates before you go to the website for 8% cash back, making your order even cheaper! Quick note; this items are NOT available for return or exchange, so be sure you know your size. If not, stop into a store to try on the same item in a different color or a similar style to get a good idea! Lululemon Discount
  • VSX - another brand that's defying the odds by being functional and adorable. VSX has lots of unique pieces that hold everything into place. Because they first focused on getting the concept of bras and underwear perfectly, they can make exercise clothes that work just as well for those same saggy, bouncy, extra-skin-filled areas. They often run sales where you can pair multiple articles of clothing together for a great price. Earlier this year, I got a pair of leggings free with the price of sports bra, which ended up being $24. This weekend, they're running a special that includes a sports bra, pair of leggings, and a hat for $55! You better get there! Wait for a deal before shopping VSX, or you'll find yourself upset when your $75 leggings include a bunch of other things for half the cost!

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  • Nike - there are lots of places to buy Nike gear, but in my experience, the 2 places that consistently have the lowest prices are Nordstrom Rack and Nike Outlets. This season of outlet shopping is almost here and you'll start to see really great deals, but also long-lines. Commit to spending at least one day at an outlet center during the shopping season if you want to stock up on some new pieces!

Nike Discount

  • Under Armour - this is basically going to be the same description as Nike. Nordstrom Rack and Under Armour outlets offer tons of options at huge discounts. And if we're getting really specific, the Tanger Outlets are my fav!

Under Armour Discount

  • Alo Yoga - this is a newer brand for me, but it doesn't make me love it any less. If I had to describe it in a single phrase, it would be "I can't even!". The pants are so cozy, and everything is really unique and fashionable. My favorite place to find Alo Yoga at a discounted price is While you can find a lot of brands on this site, I've had really great luck specifically with Alo. While you're there, feel free to look around for some of the other brands I mentioned, or your own favorite brands as well!Alo Yoga Discount
That's the list - I hope it helps you get your booty into some soft leggings and inspires you to get yo' sweat (and nap, eat, and shop) on! Do you have any secrets for getting name brand gear at a discounted price? If so, spill 'em! I'm sure my husband would appreciate it!

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