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5 Minute Bathroom Decor

Last week, I "announced" that I was going to start doing at least 1 Pinterest project or executing 1 idea each week - this one is ridiculous. Ridiculous in the sense that it's so easy, I shouldn't even be writing about it. But, an accomplishment is an accomplishment - no matter how small 🙂 

I saved this pin last holiday season and I've been wanting to re-create it since then. I know it's super basic, but I think it's really difficult to decorate the bathroom, and this is an easy and cheap way to put a little holiday cheer in there! 

DIY crafts

I love ideas that you can take and run with - seriously, any ribbon, any garland, any berries (or no berries) will work! Here's a link to the original idea saved from my Pinterest board. 

I bought the wired ribbon from The Dollar Tree.

DIY holiday projects
Grab 2 rolls of toilet paper, by the way, Costco is life! If you have the room for anything in bulk, buy yo-self a Costco membership (Not a sponsored post - lol just a huge fan). 


Individual pieces of garland work well for this because you don't have to do any cutting. These came from Michaels, and were 50% with the holiday decor stuff, making this package $2.50. The 40% off coupon works as well if it's not already on sale. I used 4 pieces total for this project, which means there's some left-over for future use! The berries are part of a wreath pick from the The Dollar Tree, and I simply pulled them off the pick.

holiday decor project

To make; cut 2 pieces of ribbon - I didn't measure, but my guess is around 8 inches per piece. Wrap it evenly around the toilet paper roll and tie a double knot. I cut chose to cut the long edges hanging, even though the original inspo left them. I could just imagine them getting caught on someone sitting on the toilet, and falling right in - byeeeee bathroom decor! If you're using the trim ties, fold 4 (or more --- depending on how bushy you want your TP!) in half and stuff into the center hole. Anyone else feel like this whole project is starting to get really dirty, really quickly? Tuck the berries in with the trim ties... done! Set on top of the toilet or anywhere else in the bathroom to ensure your house is full of festive fun! 

DIY Holiday Decor Bathroom


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