Healthy Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe

Today's recipe is brought to you by my good old sweet tooth {you're welcome!}

This time of the year is the absolute worst - why is it that no matter how long we go without giving into our cravings, we never forget how amazing the taste of Halloween candy is? The Reeses pumpkins get me every time. I've started buying the candy we hand out on Trick or Treat HOURS beforehand, in order to avoid any "sleep-walking" to the pantry. By sleep-walking, I mean being unable to sleep and eating a bag of Reeses late at night.

Luckily, there's a solution to my problem; healthy homemade peanut butter chocolate fudge. One or two bites of this goodness, and I'm able to survive the cravings long enough to fall asleep, and all is better in the morning. If not, I have a few more bites for breakfast. I'm totally kidding.... totally.


This fudge is SO easy to make and it takes like 5 minutes - the downside is that you do have to wait for it to freeze, so I recommend making it and keeping it in your freezer at all times. It will stay good for quite some time. Prior to this batch, I haven't made it since Easter! Just be sure to keep it sealed in a freezer bag at all times!


Please.. I am begging you to use the parchment paper. Savoring these little PB nuggets is a life-changing experience (dramatic much?) that can be easily ruined by pouring the fudge straight into a pan, because it will NOT come out without a fight, and you'll find yourself licking the pan, the floor, the dog, to get a little taste. I can't be held responsible for that. Use the paper - it will make everyone happy.


You can also pour this into silicone molds and create little halloween (or any other holiday) shapes - it does come out pretty easily from silicone, just be sure it's completely frozen before attempting to pop it out!

If you have nut allergies, you can sub for sunbutter - or if you just want a different flavor, any nut butter will work. I prefer the powdered kind because it makes these treats even lower calorie, but that's not a necessity!

Maybe just keep them hidden in the freezer, because they're easy to eat. All the time. Non-stop. Until they're gone. Isn't it fun when you hide something from yourself and forget you have it until you accidentally find it? Maybe shoot for something like that.


Or just eat them all. No one will ever know.



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