10 Apps that Save {& Pay} you Money!

If we’re Facebook friends, you might have seen my overly excited selfie yesterday where I mentioned that I had some fun money saving tips! If not, I’m glad you stumbled upon this post anyway, because your mind is about to be BLOWN.

I learned about a cash-back app a few weeks ago, and I’ve been doing some research and trying out a bunch of apps before I shared with all of you, because there is nothing more frustrating than reading a positive review for something, trying it out, and thinking to yourself, “that girl must be nuts because this sucks”. I didn’t want to be the referenced sucky girl. So I did my homework, played around, shopped too much, and I am about to present you with my findings.

Can I first just say that the excitement that I’m feeling over my findings is a huge reminder of how much my life has changed – THIS is the definition of adulting. Tuesdays went from all-you-can-eat wing night at Quaker Steak and Lube, then $1 burger night and tons of drink specials at Bar Louie..and now, couponing. I’m all about that spend-the-day-at-Whole Foods and end-the-day-in-sweat-pants life.

Lots of these are cash-back apps for groceries and household goods. You just sort through the available offers, select what you plan to use, scan the product and the receipt after you purchase, and get cash back! Sounds too good to be true, right?! I know, RIGHT?! I tried it, several times to be sure. Let me just give you an example: we eat lots of apples in our house, so I’m going to buy apples regardless of their price. An available offer was 20 cents back on any apple purchase. So my 1 pound of apples was $2.99, and then I just scanned my receipt, and got 20 cents back. Not quite enough to buy oceanfront property, but why not? I eat apples, and I can use 20 cents toward something else, maybe more apples. Another example is the brand Melt organic butter. The offer was a $1 rebate, so I actually received $1.20 from that purchase between the apples and the butter. You can also use coupons in conjunction with this, so you have the potential to make products extremely cheap, or even FREE at times. Here’s the best part – if you use some or all of these apps, lots of times they will have the same offers. So, I was able to scan in my receipt from those apples into 3 different apps, 2 of which paid 20 cents and 1 paid 25 cents. Now, I’ve just received 65 cents back on something I was going to buy anyway. PRETTY cool, right?! Here I come, oceanfront property!

Here we go, starting with my most favorite and working my way through the list. I should also mention that there are referral codes and links to lots of these. By signing up with a referral code/link, you get some little perks, which I’ll mention!

final app

{#1 ibotta} This is my favorite of the cash back apps. It’s very simple to use and has a quick response time. It also has the most offers in my opinion.

You also get bonuses for being on a “team”, meaning signing up with a referral code! When others on your team redeem cash back, it loads into a team bonus, where you get additional money deposited into your account if you hit the bonus!

Join ibotta with this referral link.


{#2 BerryCart} This is very similar to the first app. The items on here are all focused on clean eating, so it also allows you a chance to try a product you’ve been thinking over at a little bit of discounted price. There’s fewer item deals on this app, but still great to check out!

Join Berrycart here.

{#3 SavingStar} Another cashback app. I like the ease of this app, it’s simple to navigate and find offers. Be sure to check which stores are included in the offers. While some of the apps allow receipt uploads from any store, this particular app has select stores. A lot of the major ones are on there, but just be sure to double check before you specifically purchase something.

To join, simply download the app and create a username!

{#4 Snap} Keep the cash back coming, right?! This app is actually through Groupon and very similar to the others. There’s not a ton of offers available, but they do something called Bonus Offers, which means that they aren’t offered to everyone, they are specific to you based on your previous uses. This is one of the apps that gave me an apple discount. See, they know me well.

Join Snap here.

{#5 Shrink} I like this app because it’s filled with offers on all clean food. There aren’t a lot of offers, but the ones that are available are great!

Join Shrink by downloading the app, and receive $1 for using the referral code UMMYFO

{#6 Checkout 51} This is a cashback app that is easy to use. The downside is that there aren’t a ton of offers, but again, we’re talking about FREE money to buy what you buy, so why not!?

Join Checkout 51 by downloading the app, there’s no referral code

{#7 Shopmium} Easy to use, only around 10 offers currently listed, but the cool thing about this one is that they are ongoing, meaning you don’t have to select them prior to purchasing. You just redeem them with your receipt once you made your purchase.

Join Shopmium by downloading the app and entering the Referral Code: KGCUGUAU to receive a free chocolate bar!

{#8 MobiSave} Cash, cash, everywhere! How great is this?! We’re on #8 and all I’m seeing is green! The only downside to this app is that the available offers don’t seem to be focused on healthy foods – but there are still some great choices, especially for household products, so it’s definitely worth the free download

Join MobiSave by downloading the app, there’s no referral code

{#9 Cartwheel} Ahhh my good old friend Target! The only reason this app isn’t on top of the list is because it offers a discount versus cash back, and the discount is very minimal on my things. However, it does add up over time and it’s very simple to load the offers and have your phone scanned at checkout. The downside is that the offers do need to be loaded prior to purchasing, but you can easily add them while in the store. It also has a feature where you can scan the barcodes of the products you’re buying to see if any discounts are available.

Join Cartwheel by downloading the app, there’s no referral code

{#10 Shopkick} I have mixed feelings about this app, but it is a good way to earn gift cards. It registers your location and tells you which stores give you “kicks” which is another word for points, just for walking in. There are also certain stores that give you extra points for scanning select items in the store. It’s a bit time consuming to wander around the store looking for these items, so it’s not something that you will necessary get the full points every time you’re in a store, but there’s no harm in having it open and getting points just for walking in, right?! And if it’s a roam-around type of shopping trip, why not!? The downside is that you have to have the app open when you’re walking in, so you can’t just be registered and go inside – it won’t give you kicks without the app physically being up. With that being said, it’s really easy to earn points and redeem quickly. I earned 300 points just from running errands yesterday, and for 500 points, I’ll receive a $10 Target giftcard. I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, so I don’t see why I wouldn’t want a gift card just for going about my day!

And a bonus, just because I love you guys! {Walmart Savings Catcher} I don’t shop at Walmart all that frequently, but from time to time, I do go in, and this app is amazing. I would have ranked it higher on my list had Walmart been a more relevant place to shop for me. All you do is scan in your receipt after shopping, and the app will look for price comparisons. If it finds a better deal on something you purchased somewhere else, it will give you back the difference in Walmart e-gift card! Pretty cool thing to do, and it takes 1/2 of a second!

I hope you find these apps useful and they make hitting your favorite stores and buying those clean eating products a little easier! Do you have any other favorite cash back or money saving apps?! I would love to hear about them!



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