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Shein Haul and Review

I’m probably late to the party here, but I just tried Shein for the first time. I have a lot of trips coming up, and I hate wearing the same outfit more than once (anyone else feel me on that?) unless of course, it’s my favorite pair of sweats, or Christmas PJ pants that I can be found wearing year-round.

Anyway, one of those little ads popped up in my scroll, and I realized that I’d heard about/seen Shein many times, but I’d never actually purchased anything, other than a comfy shirt I found at a thrift store one time.

I decided to purchase a few things to wear for the trips and events I have coming up, and because they offer free express shipping with a $100 purchase, I went all out. My packages arrived so quickly, most within 4-5 days of ordering. I can’t speak to the normal delivery time experience, but when going with express delivery, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. If you’re not sure about something, but want to get to that $100 threshold, order it anyway! I love that their return policy is extremely flexible, allowing for 45 day returns on anything that doesn’t say final sale or that isn’t bathing suits, accessories, or lingerie.

Side note; this post isn’t sponsored at all, and none of these items were gifted – not that they needed to be – because each item is extremely affordable.

I did have some hesitations about the quality of the clothing since the cost was so low – I’m talking like $12 for a dress – but I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t say it’s the highest quality clothing, but it’s certainly good for a night out.

I think it’s worth noting, for my short friends out there, that the sizing of most of these items are perfect for petite frames. I rarely have success with a size XS overall – most are still too big in one way or another, but almost all of the XS dresses and tops I ordered fit really well. Even the few items that were too big weren’t massively too big, just a bit.

There’s almost always codes and coupons on their app to get money off, and they do a lot of rewards programs, such as receiving points for ordering, keeping your profile up to date, and reviewing the products.

Below, I’m sharing all the good that I got from my Shein purchase, and my thoughts on each!

I ordered this dress to celebrate my birthday in! I’m doing a big birthday photo shoot and thought this could be a great option. Ultimately, I decided on a different dress for the shoot, but this one is a great second option, and it only cost $20!
This is one of the only items that I’m sending back because I just don’t love how it fits. It’s a bit too loose to stay in place, and I think it’s one of those dresses that looks better on the ladies with a little bit of leg to show. Overall, it’s super cute and the quality is great, but it’s too difficult for me to look like a real-life adult in a dress like this.
I’m headed to Vegas in a few weeks, and this is a great little “night on the town” dress. Worth every bit of the $8 that it cost.

This is the perfect black dress for a winter formal event.
Honestly, I might not end up wearing this until closer to the holidays this year, but it was too perfect not to pick up and have on hand for any type of winter formal event.
I just wore this in Nashville for a party, and it was perfect with knee boots! $10
I’m still not 100% sure if I’m keeping this, just because it’s a bit big. But I love it for Vegas, and for $11, chances are, I probably will.
I took this outfit to the ‘gram already, because I couldn’t even stand waiting one more second. There’s 3 things I love in a good outfit; camo, jumpsuit, and harem pants. Combine them, and you get a way underpriced outfit at just $16.
VEGAS, right? $10
I rarely wear prints, but when I do, it’s definitely almost always some type of animal print.

If you want to snag any of these bargains for yourself, you can shop all the looks below! I have a few more warmer weather trips coming up, so I’ll be sure to share the Shein looks for different seasons soon!

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2019 Year in Review

I can’t believe that it’s 2020. I still vaguely remember hearing all the adults around me talking about the world ending in 2000, and throwing a Y2K party that left confetti everywhere. To think that 20 years has passed since then is cray-zeeee.
But as they say, time flies when you’re having fun. I’ve learned that it flies even if you’re not, and 2019 is a great example of a combination of the 2, for me at least.
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