Olivia Grist Blog


Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. I like to consider this my public diary – a place where I can share all the things, and hopefully you’ll relate to some of them! For a very long time, no matter how hard I tried to put myself out there, I felt isolated and alone. It wasn’t until I started sharing my journey of life openly and authentically that I started to build amazing relationships with other ladies and really experienced the positive power of social media. And I learned that I wasn’t alone in feeling so alone. The more conversations I have, the more I learn that feeling isolated is way too common in our culture. So I’m on a mission to change it by cultivating a space where the everyday girl can just show up, exactly as she is; a space where she is loved, accepted, and welcomed. This is that space. I’m nowhere close to perfect, but I do my best to get up everyday and do my best, and I’d be honored to have you along for the ride!