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Hi, sweet friend! Thanks for visiting my virtual space! I hope you’ll hang out for awhile so we can get to know each other!

I’m a twenty-something who’s spent the last decade trying to find myself. I used to strive to have it all figured out, which caused tons of emotional stress, exhaustion, and “never enough” feelings.  Now, I’m learning that life happens in the messy, the imperfect, and the chaos. I’m a wife, dog momma, Christian, fitness coach, photographer, blogger, and an absolute hot mess. I speak without thinking, make inappropriate jokes too often, love too much but also not enough, and act on emotion over logic, always. I used to see those as weaknesses, but I’m realizing that they’re my strengths too.

I love social media, so much. But I have so many words, way more than 2200 characters (that’s the official IG limit – sad that I know that?) and I wanted a place to share everything! I’ve always loved writing, and once I learned that it can be a tool for healing, I haven’t stopped virtually blabbing since. Sharing our moments, good and bad, allow them to come out of hiding. The bad moments are brought into the light so they lose the power to cause guilt and shame, and the good moments bring that much needed light to someone else.

The dash is that beautifully messy space in between our date of birth and our date of death. That dash goes by so quickly, and from the outside, it’s nothing but a straight line. But in that dash is the unquestionable opportunity to experience love, life, and God’s incredible grace.

My passion and my mission is to not just sit back while the days pass, but to truly experience that dash with joy. I’m committed to loving the dash, and I can’t think of anything better than for you to join me.